Our last Technical update covered the Eurocircuits hardware stars at Electronica 2014. There was also an enthusiastic response to our PCB services, especially

  • data validation (DRC) and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) tools
  • tools to tailor design data for specific orders
  • PCB PIXture
  • new options in PCB pooling

For more information on the hardware “stars” and our special Electronica offer on all Eurocircuits hardware, see our newsletter of last week here .

  • eC-test-mate – award-winning fixtureless test equipment for assembled PCBs
  • eC-pre-heater for smoother and more reliable hand-soldering and de-soldering

Data validation and Design for Manufacturability tools

Visitors responded very positively to demonstrations of the data validation and DFM tools built into the Cost calculator menus. They can be used at any stage of the design process to optimise the design flow and avoid expensive and time-consuming re-spins.

See our blog for a typical case-study.

Positive reception too for built-in guidance on cost-effectivemultilayer builds and blind/buried vias.

Another eye-opener: on-screen pre-order DRC validation to catch potential manufacturing issues in your data-set which might otherwise delay delivery.

Tailoring tools

Sometimes you need to modify your fabrication data to fit a particular order. We showed the tools to do this, especially

  • Marking Editor. Place order numbers, logos, QR codes and other batch information exactly where you want it on your PCB.
  • Panel Editor. Create special delivery panels on screen to suit your PCB assemblers, without the need to make detailed drawings.


Electronica 2014 highlighted a trend in the market to make the electronics in a product more visible. PCB PIXture prints a graphic image on a PCB as a black/white or gold image defined by the soldermask. Use it to make your designs stand out from the competition and to generate powerful sales messages to potential customers. More

New options in PCB pooling

Responding to the requests of our customers we have added new options to our pooling services. These include:

  • 4-layer FR4 multilayers 1mm thick are now a standard option in STANDARD pool
  • Blue and White solder mask are standard pooling options in STANDARD and BINDI pool
  • eC-stencils are now available in 2 thicknesses: 130 µm and NEW 100µm
  • BINDI pool: maximum order size now increased to 50 m2 for 2L boards.
  • Mask PIXture is now available in BINDI pool

Technical blogs

Some recent highlights:


We have an on-going program of technical papers, but if there are particular topics on which you would like us to produce a blog or white paper, please email your usual sales contact or euro@eurocircuits.com.

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