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At Eurocircuits the summer holidays are over. Our team is complete again and, if you like, we are there for you via live chat! With a full team, we are once again doing what we have enjoyed doing for 30 years: manufacturing and now assembling prototypes and small series PCBs right the first time and supporting PCB designers with valuable tools and tips.

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Ready for CAM: 10 Rules for Better Data

On average, our engineering team processes 4400 design data sets for production every month. So that we don’t have to bother you with queries and problems, we have compiled a checklist with 10 golden rules for perfect data.

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Tool of the Month: Layer Editor

To help you provide error-free data for manufacturing we have developed the Layer Editor where you can modify, add, delete or compare your data. This saves you time and helps to ensure your PCB design is ready for manufacture.

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Saar’s new blog: Covering vias

Vias make it possible to switch connections on a PCB from one layer to another and are an essential part of a PCB’s connectivity. In a new blog, electronics designer Saar Drimer explains the different types of vias.

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Tombstoning: What is it and How to Avoid it

Small, lightweight 2-pole SMD components such as a resistor can partially lift from a pad on one enduring the soldering process, this is known as tombstoning. We explain what are the causes of this effect and how to avoid them during the PCB layout.

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Boards, Tools and Training for the Next Generation of Engineers

Our circuit boards and assemblies drive, fly, spark and sail in more than 50 student projects that the pupils develop and test themselves. Take a look at these amazing projects by the engineers of tomorrow.

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Eurocircuits New Digital Service: e-Invoice PEPPOL

Eurocircuits recently started sending e-invoices securely using PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) With PEPPOL, entrepreneurs can use the entire electronic invoicing process faster and more reliably.
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