Introducing Eurocircuits New Parts Pre-Order Service

The Parts Pre-Order (PPO) service allows you to order parts in advance for upcoming projects to ensure they are in-house and available when you place an order with Eurocircuits.

The ongoing world-wide shortage of component parts has created 2 issues, parts that are not available anymore and longer lead times for those parts that are available.

In 2019 the norm was to receive ordered parts within 48 hours, today many parts fall outside of this norm and need 4-5 working days or even longer.

Our 3+3 (WD) PCB proto service relies on parts being available 3 days after the order is placed, basically once the bare boards have been manufactured. The only way to achieve this is for you to pre-order the parts using our PPO service.

In addition to the PPO service Eurocircuits holds a stock of generic components (resistors and capacitors) plus a range of components in our eC-stock and these are available for you to pre-select.

In a normal development flow, the BOM data and especially the critical parts are defined quite some time before the final board layout is ready. Only in exceptional cases will these critical BOM parts be changed during the final stages of the board layout.

Critical parts in a BOM are defined well in advance of the PCB layout and this creates the perfect opportunity to pre-order these parts in advance. Hence our initiative to introduce the Parts Pre-Order service (PPO) to save valuable time but this is in the hands of the designer to act.

When you launch a PPO we can immediately start the process of sourcing the parts to have them in stock ready for use when you place the PCB manufacturing and assembly order. Additional parts can be added but existing parts cannot be deleted.

After launching the PPO, you can continue to work on your design and when you are ready you can upload the PCB, CPL and a final BOM. Any components not already ordered via the PPO will be sourced when the order is placed.

We enable, you decide and together we save a lot of time.

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