Add extra comfort to your ordering process and organize your own data approval before your order moves to production.

Not sure about your artwork or how our engineers will interpret it?

Sometimes your data files may contain features that our automated PCB Visualizer process cannot recognize. Or you may be worried that your first layout is not quite right. Whatever your concern, we can give you the reassurance you need. Set up an approval step for the production-ready data for your board just before it goes into physical manufacture. As soon as our engineers have completed their checks, we will send you an email to advise you that the production files are ready and waiting for your approval. Check them using our PCB Visualizer tools, and continue the order, confident that you will get the boards you intended

This is our “Pre-production approval” process.

How does it work?

Check out an item from your “Shopping Basket” to launch your order.

The order will then appear in the “Running orders” overview screen. There you can again select it and push the “Request for pre-production approval” button.

The order now appears in your “Pre-production approval overview” screen.

Once the production files are ready, the order is placed in the upper part of the screen ready for your approval. You will be notified of this by e-mail.

The production data of your order is ready for approval. You can view to check your data with our PCB Visualizer program and view your order details.

Push Next to move to the next step.

The warning message speaks for itself. On clicking OK you come to the next screen.

If everything is correct, push “Approve & release for production” to release the order so it can proceed to the production department.

In case you find an inconsistency, push “Send your comments”. A dialog window will open.

The “send your comments” dialog window identifies who you are. You can complete or change this info.

In the message field you can formulate your comments.

The “Attach a file” function allows you to support your comments with external documents or with new PCB data.

Submit and your communication will be picked up by our engineers.

The “Message sent” notification will appear.  Our engineers will contact you as soon as they have reviewed your comments.