Punch Powertrain Solar Team visits Eurocircuits

The Punch Powertrain Solar Team consists of 21 engineering students of KU Leuven in Belgium, who are working on the seventh Belgian solar car.

With all our knowledge and effort we spent well over a year working hard to compete in “The World Solar Challenge 2017”, the world championship for solar powered vehicles in Australia.

The challenge consists of a 3000km long race through the Australian outback competing alongside many other teams of the world’s best universities.

The solar cars of the Belgian team are the result of a good co-operation with companies like Eurocircuits and the use of their high-end technology.

For the electronic components of a solar car, a great combination between performance and reliability has to be achieved. This is something Eurocircuits provides, not only by delivering PCB’s of great quality but also by letting us use their professional equipment like their eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow-mate oven.

The video to the right shows us using the eC-equipment to assemble our boards. The video is narrated in Dutch.

Apart from Eurocircuits’ good quality products, their service also is a great advantage. We used their online free tools PCB Visualizer and PCBA Visualizer to DRC:DFM check our boards before ordering them. This allowed us to make some last minute design optimizations and small changes. A lot of production options are available to meet everybody’s requirements.

The previous solar car finished 5th of the more than 25 participants. This year we aim for nothing less than the first place.

We are grateful for partners, like Eurocircuits, who make this possible.

Milan Meurrens – Low Voltage & Monitoring
Punch Powertrain Solar Team
Willem de Croylaan 56 – 3001 Heverlee – Belgium