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Since 2004, the Running Snail Racing Team of the OTH Amberg-Weiden has been competing in Formula Student competitions across Europe. In 2013, we made the switch to an electric drive with our biggest revolution and were able to implement our self-developed one already in 2015. In 2018, we were able to achieve our greatest success to date, 2nd place in the world rankings. Since then, we have been trying to build on this success, which we achieved last year with several 3rd places in dynamic disciplines. In 2023, our approximately 60 engineers want to attack again and prove their skills with the RS23.


In accordance with our motto “Innovation never stops”, the future engineers and alumni can proudly look back on great developments in the past decades. Particularly noteworthy is the Electrics group, which has successfully developed and programmed 18 out of 19 circuit boards on the basis of its accumulated experience.

Eurocircuits is an important partner for the Running Snail Racing Team. Among other things, the boards of the TSAL (Tractive System Active Light), Precharge, Telemetry, Discharge, the AMS (Accumulator Management System) and the Sensewire are provided.


Here you can see the telemetry board of the RS23 (left), which is responsible for the transmission and live logging of vehicle data. It collects the measured values provided by the sensors and then presents them in a software programme in a comprehensible way. The TSAL is a safety standard prescribed by Formula Student Germany for all electrically powered vehicles. It indicates the status of the racing car’s electrical system. For example “switched off” or “ready to drive”.

Our experience with Eurocircuits so far has been more than satisfactory. The quality of the circuit boards is outstanding, the production and shipping is fast and reliable. The Running Snail Racing Team would like to thank them for their support!


For more information please visit the Running Snail Racing Team website.

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