Since the introduction of the PCB Visualizer we have added a number of specialised editors. The latest of these is the Layer Editor, it offers a range of editing tools enabling you to modify, add or delete features as necessary.

Recently, we add the compare function, this allows you to compare any modifications you made to a layer with the original uploaded data, giving you the confidence that the changes were correct.

The tools available apply to features and layers where applicable and include:

– Insert                                                              – Add Layers

– Copy                                                                – Paste

– Delete                                                              – Mirror

– Offset                                                              – Measure

– Undo/redo                                                    – Compare

The Layer Editor is designed to save you time, use tools available to correct data output or even design issues.

For example, if the bottom side Soldermask was not defined in the CAD system, you are able to create it using the Layer Editor in these easy steps below:

  • Create a new layer called Bottom Soldermask.
  • Selects all the relevant pads from the bottom side copper layer.
  • Copy these to the clipboard.
  • Paste them to the newly created bottom Soldermask layer.

Now you have created the Bottom side Soldermask layer without having to modify or create new data in you CAD system.

Another great feature is the Outline view, this allows you to see the data unfilled, it’s a great tool to see how your data was generate by your CAD system and allows you to see potential errors.

Normal View
Outline View

The Layer Editor is a key addition to our PCB Visualizer and the next step in our drive towards Right 1st Time data for manufacturing.

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