New web site, new PCB services => new prices.

Prior to the launch of our new website, we took the opportunity to review every aspect of our pricing structure to make sure that we were providing the best overall deal for our customers. Let’s look at the major changes.

1. Board size.

To offer good prices for prototype and small batch PCBs we use order-pooling production technology. Order-pooling means that we combine several orders with the same technical specifications onto large production panels.

Within the pooling panel, circuits are priced by their size (the amount of the panel each circuit occupies) and by their “pooling efficiency”. Smaller circuits are more efficient as they allow a better material utilization on the panel; the better the panel utilization, the lower the cost of the individual circuits.

For the review of our pricing structure, we analyzed several years of panel utilization statistics. As a result, the new pricing structure reflects more accurately the true cost of production on the shop floor. We have held or reduced prices for smaller PCBs (100 x 80 mm or less). Larger circuits and delivery panels pool less efficiently so there is more wasted material. For these boards prices increased somewhat. However, an accurate costing system is your guarantee for reliable prices and continuity of service for the future.

Also read our BLOG on large boards and pooling we published earlier

2. Technical parameters.

To guide you towards the most cost-effective combination of price and technology, if you select an option that introduces extra cost, one of the coin symbols will appear. The small coin symbol means that the option is poolable. The double coin symbol means that the option is not poolable, and will be charged on a whole panel basis.

Technical parameter changes are:

  • Bare Board Testing is now included in the price for 2 layer boards. Previously this only applied to multilayer boards. BBT is now only a chargeable option for 1 layer boards where it is rarely required.
  • We have simplified the pricing of customer delivery panels. V-cut, break routing, panel without cross out, different images on one panel etc.- none of these affect the price.
  • Pooling now includes more build-ups which were previously not poolable. More predefined poolable build-ups keep down costs where specialist build are required.
  • Bringing all technical classification options of STANDARD pool, TECH pool and On Demand for FR-4 boards together in one service STANDARD pool creates a more gradual price increase for higher technology classes than the standard class 6C. Now also in between classifications are possible like 6D or 7D in pooling, making sure that extras are only applied as the DRC on the data requires it.
  • We no longer make any price difference between 0, 1 or 2 white legends on the board.
  • In advanced options, only Carbon contacts, Press-fit holes and Heatsink paste are non-poolable options.

3. Delivery terms.

a. Order areas smaller than 50dm²:

7WD is now the standard delivery term, regardless of the number of layers. This introduces a significant price reduction for multilayers delivered in up to 7WD.

b. Order areas smaller than 300dm² and larger than or equal to 50dm²:

For these orders 10WD is now the standard delivery term, regardless of the number of layers. This introduces a significant price reduction for all orders delivered in 10WD as the old standard delivery term was 25WD and 10WD carried a premium.

c. Order areas smaller than 1.000dm² and larger than or equal to 300dm²:

15WD is now the standard delivery term for these orders, regardless of the number of layers. This introduces a significant price reduction for these orders delivered in 15WD as the old standard delivery term was 25WD and 15WD carried a premium..

e. Order surfaces equal or larger than 1.000dm² have as standard delivery term 20WD.

4. Preferred quantities.

One of the parameters determining pooling possibilities and efficiency is the quantity.

To rationalize the options and to achieve better results here we favour a set of rounded quantities: 1 – 2 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 100 – 150 – 200 – 250. Any of these quantities will give a small to more significant discount depending on the delivery term.

The discount for preferred quantities is higher for shorter delivery terms.

In the automatically presented alternatives on the bottom right of the calculator, we will always present preferred quantities and better priced delivery terms as well as one shorter than asked whenever possible.


5. Stencils.

The formula for the price calculation of the stencils has been changed bringing prices down in general. Stencils that are eC-registration compatible are favorite.

6. Limits of our service.

We would like to again point out that our strength lies in prototypes and small series. To ensure that we can offer a full service to all our customers all of the time we have limited the area of board available for each combination of layers and delivery terms. The following table shows these limits in dm² per layer and delivery term for the automatic online calculation system. Combinations outside these limits might be possible depending on the production loading in our factories. Ask for a quotation if you require something special.

Finally by making our prices as competitive as possible with respect to the real costs of production, we offer a WIN-WIN situation with you, our customer.

The Eurocircuits Team