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On the 27 October @ 00H45, a week ago, was a black time for Eurocircuits, quite literally. A fire hit the pan of the Hot Air Level machine in one of the buildings at our Hungarian factory. The flames quickly went through the roof with the entire HAL department in flames taking with it the adjacent hard gold line and inflicting damage to the galvanic lines. One of our staff suffered slight injury as he bravely tried to extinguish the fire but is on the road to a full recovery and fortunately no other members of staff were injured.

Flames through the roof

Flames through the roof

We were extremely lucky that the structure of our building suffered only minor damage and the internal damage was mostly limited to the HAL and the hard gold line departments. So we escaped a major disaster through the eye of the needle.


Fire damage

The relatively short but intense fire filled the entire factory with a thick black smoke which eventually also filled the administrative part of the building, painting everything black. The fire brigade used 14m3 of water in 15 minutes to extinguish the fire, this also left its mark over almost the entire factory.


Production area after the fire

Our staff could not enter the building until it was cleared by the authorities but even before then they were already purchasing cleaning equipment, and planning how to deal with the disaster to get all the machines cleaned and operational as soon as possible.


Cleaning up the production floor

We have kept a page with rolling updates throughout the recovery process to keep our customers, and anyone else interested, informed of the latest developments and information on how we were handling things.

Now, we’d like to let you know, as a friend of Eurocircuits, what has happened to us and to thank you for your understanding and kind messages of support. We sincerely apologise for any delays or trouble this unforeseen incident has caused. Of course, we would also like to express our pride and gratitude for the commitment and courage of our employees in our Hungarian factory and those at our Aachen factory who picked up the emergency workload. Many of our other staff were instrumental in helping with the logistics of the recovery and have been working hard to manage this situation to fast track the recovery and get things back to normal.


Production after the Fire

This unfortunate event shows in practice what we knew in our heart, that our staff are the best and truly dedicated and our operations are resilient.

From today onwards our business is back to normal with the exception that we need 2 additional days of lead time for orders that require HAL or gold fingers. This is because we are outsourcing this work until we have our own machines again.

Eurocircuits, a team you can count on to go above and beyond.

The Eurocircuits Management

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