Unique stories

The way we achieve this goal is different each year. Within TU/ecomotive we created a family of complementing vehicles with each having their own unique story. This results in a rich history of various solutions to modern day mobility problems.

Previous team

The previous TU/ecomotive team build the car Luca. This car is completely made out of waste. The structural part is build with a bio-composite impregnated with plastic from the ocean, made strong by a honeycomb structure from recycled PET.

New approach

With TU/ecomotive, we show that it is possible to make the automotive sector more sustainable by using different materials, manufacturing methods and a mindset unlike the one from the big automotive industry.


To keep on innovating, this year’s team is building a new vehicle with a different view on sustainable mobility. With the help of Eurocircuits this new vehicle will be realized this year!



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