Last season was another successful one for UPBracing. We were able to further improve the aerodynamic package and also show good progress in the area of the endurance of our car as well as the electrical engineering. It was an exhausting and nerve-racking season, but thanks to our hard work and the dedication of all team members, we were still able to achieve good results.

After the rollout, the testing phase began, where we were able to learn a lot about our car and make further improvements before the events. The first event, FSCzech, was a great success for us. We took 2nd place in the skid pad and were thus able to prevail against many other teams. We also excelled in the static disciplines and achieved 4th place with our business plan.

The second event, FSEAST, was also very successful for us. We finished 8th in the Acceleration discipline and were one of only 6 teams to complete the entire Endurance course without any problems.

The last event, FSG, is probably the best known and most difficult Formula Student event. Unfortunately, we had a lot of bad luck and problems on the track there. Nevertheless, we were able to place 16th out of a total of 66 teams in the Skid Pad and ended up in a good position in the midfield.

As an electric racing team, we have a high demand for complex circuit boards. Especially with our 600 V Tractive System, safety has a high priority. In order to fulfil this, high quality PCBs are required. Eurocircuits has supported us in the past years with circuit boards of excellent quality. In 2021/2022, the nodes of the battery management system were manufactured by Eurocircuits, as well as some low-voltage PCBs.

In total, we have 15 circuit boards installed in our car. A large number of them are integrated into the battery to monitor voltages, current and temperature of our self-developed battery. Due to the high voltage levels and high integration density, the BMS nodes are a demanding component of the electrical system. By making improvements to this circuit board, we were able to greatly increase the signal integrity and thus achieve lower delays for cell monitoring.


A second important PCB is the BSPD. A circuit board that monitors the braking condition and power supplied to the drive and shuts down the vehicle in case of implausibility. Improvements such as a direct connection to the wiring harness and improvements in the logic made a redesign of this PCB necessary. Again, Eurocircuits supported us with the production of this PCB.


A big thank you to Eurocircuits from the UPBracing team for the excellent support and cooperation.


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