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The Coronavirus grips everyone including organisations and companies, all locked up in an unreal world. Whilst respecting government regulations to limit the spread of the virus we are all trying to make the best of this unusual situation.
Working from home, a designer might be cut off from normal daily interactions and the ease with which one normally finds solutions and services for product development.

Many manufacturing companies have temporarily closed or are working at reduced capacity until the lockdown is over. But designers are still confronted with development and time to market schedules they need to meet. It’s a difficult time for all trying to make sure business continues as close to normal as possible.

As a European manufacturer and assembler of Prototype and small series PCB’s, Eurocircuits remains fully open and ready to help as and when you need us. Our factories whilst complying with all the coronavirus regulations, remain fully operational for the production and assembly of your PCB’s.

Our online 24/7 ordering makes it fast & easy to order your boards when you need them and our bare board standard delivery terms are:

  • 3 Days for Prototypes with our PCB proto service.
  • 5 Days for other FR4, Impedance, RF, IMS and Semi-Flex PCB’s.

If you include assembly then we offer:

  • 6 Days Delivery for PCB proto including Assembly (our 3+3 Service).
  • 10 Days for all other board types.

Click on the banner below to quickly calculate your price and delivery.

We are there to Help! The only hindrance we might experience is from the courier companies that are not fully operational all over Europe. We publish Daily Updates about this on our website.

In the meantime, stay safe and be well.

The Eurocircuits Team