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Virtual manufacturing means that we simulate the production of a printed circuit board based on the design data supplied. Using this process, we create an image of what the PCB will look like after it has been manufactured and assembled with electronic components.

Of course, our customers also see the result of the virtual manufacturing process when they upload their data.
Simulating manufacturing before the hardware is physically manufactured has enormous advantages: It saves costs, valuable time, helps avoid redesigns and reduces waste, making it a sustainable way for hardware development.

At Eurocircuits our guiding philosophy of ‘right the first time for manufacturing’ motivated us to develop, and continuously improve, our unique virtual manufacturing tool, the Visualizer.

The Visualizer starts the virtual manufacturing process on the uploaded data and uses DFM & DRC tools to find and show issues. This allows the designer to eliminate them before manufacturing. For example, the outline of a PCB is incomplete or if the component footprint on the PCB does not match the footprint of the component in the BOM.

Give the Visualizer a try and let us know what you think. More information about how to use it is here:

Visualizer User Guides

The Optimum PCB Design Flow – Right First Time


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