The WoTS-badge is this years” exhibition gadget – register now!

“WoTS-badge”, is the exhibition gadget for the industry branche Industrial Electronics of FHI for this years’ show. It is a pleasant gadget which is easily programmable through a simple freeware app. Watch how it works here.

The WoTS-badge is an idea and development of Salland Electronics and Eurocircuits. The WoTS-badge is a display of 85 LEDs which you can simply pin on your clothing. De WoTS-badge can display a large variety of texts and animations. The freeware app (Android, IOS and Windows) is a handy tool to program the WoTS-badge. On your smart phones’ screen, you can simply input texts or draw pictures. The WoTS-badge connects to your smart phone via the new Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth 4.0 LE chip.

The PCB of the WoTS-badge is a 1.6mm thick, 4-layer board with the following specifics:

  • Material: Isola IS400, FR4 improved
  • RoHS compliant
  • Flammability: V-0CTI (Comparative Tracking Index):  class 3
  • Outer layer start Copper: 18 um
  • Inner layer start Copper: 35 um
  • Material Tg: 150 Celsius degree
  • Smallest track width: 0,2mm
  • Isolation distance: 0,15 mm
  • Internal Pad Isolation: 0,375 mm
  • OAR: 0,18 mm
  • Smallest final hole: 0,4 mm
  • Top solder mask: Black on White (PCB PIXture)
  • Bottom solder mask: White
  • Bottom legend: Black
  • Surface Finishing: ENIG