The WoTS-badge is a nice exhibition gadget – register now!

“WoTS-badge”, is the exhibition gadget for the industry branche Industrial Electronics of FHI for this years’ show. It is a pleasant gadget which is easily programmable through a simple freeware app. Watch how it works here.

The WoTS-badge is an idea and development of Salland Electronics and Eurocircuits. The WoTS-badge is a display of 85 LEDs which you can simply pin on your clothing. De WoTS-badge can display a large variety of texts and animations. The freeware app (Android, IOS and Windows) is a handy tool to program the WoTS-badge. On your smart phones’ screen, you can simply input texts or draw pictures. The WoTS-badge connects to your smart phone via the new Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth 4.0 LE chip.

Programming the WoTS-badge is also possible via a USB cable and a PC-application.
At normal usage, the WoTS-badge has a battery life of approximately 8 hours. Charging it again through USB takes 10 minutes.
The WoTS-badge is also ‘hackable’, which allows electronics enthusiasts to build their own applications.

Azteco Electronics will produce 1.500 gadgets. To obtain the gadget, you must register as an exhibition visitor.
During the registration process, you can reserve the gadget. It is imperative that you pick up your gadget in person during the show.
Welcoming you as visitor was the purpose of the exercise.

Register now as Eurocircuits customer via this link and assure yourselves of your gadget and a free entry ticket for the show. From the 17th of March, the registration link on the shows home page will be open to the public and your early bird advantage will be gone. Be first!

More information about the World of Electronics can be found here.