Copper fills – mechanically speaking

Finding fiducials

On the keepout

Understanding annular rings

Good courtyards make good neighbours

Let’s talk about outlines

Defined Impedance Calculators

There are many different Impedance calculators for PCB designers to use, some are free such as the one available to Eurocircuits customers and some you need to pay for a licence or a monthly subscription. The aim of them all is to provide the necessary track/gap and isolation values for the layout and manufacture of […]

Selecting the Right Surface Finish for Your PCB

  To protect the copper solder pads on a PCB from oxidation, contamination and to enhance their solderability, they need to be protected with a Surface Finish and these must conform to the European Union RoHS & RoHS2 (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directives. But which is the right Surface Finish for your PCB’s? In accordance […]

Copper and the Board Edge