eC-stencil mate

The eC-stencil-mate printer uses a simple pin-registration system for fast and precise set-up with low-cost frameless stainless-steel stencils. Rigid precision-engineered construction ensures excellent repeatability for small batch printing. After printing the stencil is separated vertically from the board, critical to achieve good paste deposition for fine footprints.

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eC-stencil mate

Fast, precise and economical solder-paste printing even for the shortest run.

  • Vertical separation of board and stencil – critical for accurate fine-feature printing
  • Uses Eurocircuits low-cost laser-cut stainless-steel stencils
  • Magnetic place holders and supports give sufficient manipulation possibilities to allow printing on the second side of a board that already carries components.
  • Simple pin-registration system based on matching tooling holes in PCB and stencil – accuracy without complex manual set-up time
  • Excellent registration repeatability – critical for small series printing
  • No clamping holes needed to support the stencil.
  • Rigid aluminum construction for accuracy and repeatability
Maximum PCB size350 x 250 mm
Dimensions670 (d) x 470 (w) x 190 (h) mm
WeightCa 19 kg

“Modifications and mistakes reserved”

One special Eurocircuits squeegee, the eC-squeegee, is included in the eC-stencil-mate printer. Additional eC-squeegees are available for ordering from our eC-spares program.

We also offer “starter kits” and consumables (eC-solder-paste, eC-wipes, …) All the materials that we use during the eC-workshops are available here

Payment conditions are the same as those for your Eurocircuits customer account.

Deliveries are made from stock within 5 working days.  If for any reason we no longer have machines in stock delivery will be up to 8 weeks.  We will confirm the delivery at the time of order.  All machines will be securely packed and palletized to ensure safe and reliable shipment.  Delivery will be made by truck at the cost calculated in our online order form. Transport time will depend on the distance from our warehouse in Eger, Hungary.

Our reflow soldering equipment is supplied with 12 months return-to-factory warranty. Faulty equipment should be returned using its original packaging to Eurocircuits where it will be checked and repaired or replaced. This excludes consumables and accessories (heating lamps and magnetic board-holders). Transport costs will be paid by the sender.