1.  Our Terms of Sales state clearly in section 10 that we make an open-ended commitment to keep our customers” data confidential.  This is backed by rigorous security procedures throughout our operations to keep client data private and safe.  A separate NDA would add nothing to this.

2.  Every year we deal with more than 12.500 active business customers across Europe and in other parts of the world.  To keep costs down we run a lean administration.  All orders must be processed in the same way.  To handle individual orders in different ways according to individual agreements would need extra staff and so extra costs.

3.  Our company structure is clear and open.  Your order is processed entirely within the Eurocircuits  Group.  Your order is placed with a Eurocircuits group company.  Front-end data preparation is carried out by an affiliated branch in India, The boards are made in our subsidiary factories in Germany, Hungary, and, in the case of BINDI pool, in India.  We cannot vary this route for individual orders, but it may be, or appear to be, inconsistent with the terms of some NDAs.  If the data for your orders may not be shipped outside your country or the EU, then with regret we cannot accept these orders.  If your order is for military or dual-use applications covered by military export controls, then under section 4 of our Terms of Sale, we also cannot accept it.

4.  For most of the process the data is in effect anonymous, controlled only by our internal order number.  In addition the amount of design data which can be deduced from a bare PCB is very limited.  There is little or no information on the components, and none at all on the associated software.

5.  In the course of more than 25 years of making PCBs we have dealt with more than 30.000 different customers.  We have never had a data security issue with any of them.  If we had a reputation of breaching data privacy we would lose our customer base very rapidly.

We will, of course, be glad to process your PCB orders on the basis set out above. If you have any questions on this or if there are any areas where you would like further clarification, please contact us.