What do you need?

First you should decide for the base material to be used for your PCBs. FR-4 is the standard base material but we can also offer other material for specific application which are plced under special base materials.

FR-4 (standard base material) pooling services

  • NAKED proto  basic prototype pooling service. Quick & dirty.
    1, 2 or 5 boards 1 or 2 layers without solder mask in 1 to 7 working days
  • PCB proto  dedicated prototype pooling service.
    1, 2 or 5 boards 2 or 4 layers standard PCB technolgy in 2 to 7 working days
  • STANDARD pool  widest range of pooled and non pooled options up to 16 layers
    Other TG values, finer layout, more layers, higher quantity, etc…
  • BINDI pool  Eurocircuits’ Asian alternative with European assured quality.
    2 and 4 layer boards with standard technology in medium quantities at Indian cost but inhouse produced in India.

Special base material pooling services

  • RF pool – Isola I-TERA and Rogers 4000 series materials
    For RF specialists that need their specific base material but at lower pooling costing
  • SEMI-FLEX pool   flex-to-install flex-rigid pooling service.
    Something brand new to replace rigid -flex boards in flex-to-install applications and at pooling prices for our 4 layer offer.
  • IMS pool – Insulated Metal Substrate PCBs
    Need aluminium-backed boards for cooling purposes. Prototypes and small series at acceptable prices due to pooling conditions.

You cannot find what you are looking for here?

Please be in touch with our sales department:

  • Chat – on every page of our transaction web site you can activate the online chat button. You will see us online during office hours. You may also use this communication to leave your message while we are offline. It is efficient as we can see where in the web site you are and who you are, so we can help you faster.
  • E-mail – euro@eurocircuits.com
  • Tf – +32 15 28 16 30 for the Belgian main office. For local offices look here.


On our web site home page, in the right upper corner you will find 2 option to calculate a price.

  1. FAST price will calculate you a rough idea of price for any quantity of baords wut based on standard FR-4 base material and standard PCB technology.
  2. PCB Calculator will take you to the service selection page where you can find all possible services and specific calculators. Help in making your choice here.

You can make all calculations you want and take benifit our our smart calculator who will validate all chosen technical options for you. So no need to study all our capabilities first, our smart calculator will prevent you from making mistakes.

It is only from the moment that you wish to save your caluclation in the shopping basket that you will be asked to login or give your details for registering.

From taht moment on you can also profit from our PCB Visualizer and have the software analyse your data (DRC/DFM). Just attach your PCB data to the calculation after login and before you save it to the basket.