Can we have Paper Invoices sent by Post? Send Invoices to a different Person/Address?

To manage how, where and to whom your invoices are sent please first Sign In to your account.

Once you have signed in expand the “Manage profile” menu on the left, then select “Manage profile”, this opens in the “Customer” tab.

Receive Paper Invoices by Post

In the “Customer’ tab make sure the “Deliver invoices by post”checkbox is checked.

Remember to “Save” any changes.


Send Invoices to a different Person/Address

Select the “Addresses” tab and then select the “Invoice Address” from the list below. This will open a form where you are able to update the address and contact details to where the invoices should be delivered.

All fields marked with a * must be completed.

Remember to “Save” any changes.

Delivery-Address - web

Remember to “Save” any changes.