Eurocircuits’ assembly manufacturing capabilities

BOM & CPL Files – Uploaded or Imported

For the Eurocircuits “New – Assembly service” we require the customer to provide both BOM & CPL files, these are necessary in order to provide accurate pricing and also for the actual assembly off the PCB.

For this we identify BOM & CPL files as either:

  • Uploaded files  – files which are uploaded to and saved in a specific Basket number on Eurocircuits web server.
  • Imported files –  files which are actually imported in to specific Basket number on the on Eurocircuits web server ready to be used for the assembly of the PCB.

Please see our How to Upload or Import BOM & CPL files -User Guide.


Can I also use my known EMS-partner for the assembly?

If PCB is manufactured by Eurocircuits and data has been processed through our PCB Visualizer and PCBA Visualizer, there is the option to transfer the prepared PCBA data to one of Eurocircuits EMS-partners.

Please contact us for more information on our EMS-partners.