An optimized PCB layout flow helps designers get their layouts “right first time”. Users report that they have saved time and money by using Eurocircuits’ smart menus to analyze their design parameters before starting on their board layout.

Eurocircuits have developed their smart menus and the PCB Visualizer tools to help electronic design engineers achieve a more efficient layout flow. The smart menus provide instant technical validation of design parameters and simultaneously guide users towards lower cost options. The result is a layout that is manufacturable at the lowest cost and the highest reliability.

PCB design flow

The visualization tools provide a further level of confidence for the designer. They check that there are no data issues (missing files, parameter errors etc.) which could delay production or, worse, lead to incorrect PCBs.

As a further step Eurocircuits developed a method of bringing its Computer Aided Design procedures as an automated routine in its eC-cloud or online customer user interface. The PRE-CAM functionality shows customers the preparation effect on their data and thus show an image of the board as it will finally be produced leaving the customers choices between various options.

Together Eurocircuits’ smart menus, PCB visualization tools and PRE-CAM functionality reduce the risk of design re-spins, data anomalies and help to ensure that your project comes to market on time, on budget and as expected. What you see is what you get!

In the following BLOG, Dirk Stans, Eurocircuits’ Director Sales and Marketing, will describe elaborate how these free-to-use tools can optimize the PCB layout and prototyping flow for PCB designers..