Dear Teacher,

Eurocircuits is fully committed to helping and supporting European Teachers, teaching electronics to students and helping them with their Electronic Projects during their academic careers. After all these teachers educate tomorrow’s European electronics industry designers and our future customers.

Today, teachers can set up a special teacher account at Eurocircuits allowing them to order boards for their own personal and classroom projects with an attractive discount. In addition we offer free to use online Visualizer tools to make sure that any classroom project is delivered ‘Right First Time’.
Eurocircuits has always been committed to educate the market on electronic manufacturing technology. Hence the vast library of articles and videos on our website fully at the disposal of the educating community.

Let’s have fun making electronics!

Kind regards and good luck,

Dirk Stans
Managing partner


PCB and Assembly Services

Eurocircuits is willing to support teachers by granting them a discount when ordering the PCBs, bare board or assembled, to organise a class project.

How does this work?

You start by creating a teacher account making use of your Teacher ID card. Once the registration of your account is validated, you can start ordering.

The discount will be automatically deducted when you place your order. You can see this in the summary tab when going through the order process in our online Visualiser.

The discount is calculated as follows:

  • The part of your order value between 0-500€ achieves +/- 20% discount
  • The part of your order value between 500-1000€ achieves +/- 10% discount
  • Every remaining value of your order > 1000€ achieves no discount
Workshops and Webinars given by Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits is willing to give a workshop and/or webinar to further support the teacher in realising a class project or to educate students more about electronics in general.

Feel free to make your own request about a subject or check our list of possible subjects below.

List of possible subjects:

  • How to use our online Visualizer and editing Tools.
  • How we make a 4-layer PCB.
  • PCB Soldering.
  • The perfect design flow: from CAD to CAM.
  • ……

How to Create a Teacher Account?

If you already have a teacher account, we ask that you use this account instead of creating a new one. If you are no longer teaching, we can always convert your account to a private or business account.

If you are not sure about the login details of the account or a problem occurs, please contact Patricia Vander Slaghmolen for more information.

More information about how to manage your account can be found here.

To create a new account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Sign In/Register button on our homepage.
    Sign In Register Button
  2. Fill in your personal details in the sign up fields and click the Sign Up button.
    Sign Up form
  3. Verify your email address.
    Verify your email
  4. Complete Step 2 of our registration process to complete your registration.
    Note – Select Teacher and upload your Teacher ID card.
    Teacher Registration Step 2
  5. After completing all the steps above, you will receive a message that your teacher registration was successful. It is important to point out that your account is not active yet but pending for verification.
    Teacher Registration Success
  • Your Teacher account will ONLY be approved once your ID has been verified and you have completed the delivery and invoice addresses correctly.

Actions Required from the Teacher

Actions we request in return for the teacher discount you received:


The teacher writes a blog in English after the class project is finished describing what the project is about, how it progressed and more specifically the electronics that were needed to make it work (including pictures and/or videos).

This will be published on the Eurocircuits websites.

Note: All blogs will be published on the Eurocircuits websites and on the Eurocircuits social media platforms. In the Eurocircuits Newsletter they are mentioned and linked in a dedicated section of the Newsletter.

Eurocircuits Logo

The teacher adds the Eurocircuits logo + text ‘A PCB from’ in top or bottom silkscreen layers on all orders.

The Eurocircuits logo can be added on your PCB’s by making use of our Marking Editor.

The Eurocircuits logo is available as a feature and does not have to be uploaded.

Just click on it as indicated in the image on the right and the EC-logo will appear on your PCB.

You can then move it to the position of your choice.

If you are looking for our logo you can find it here.

You can find more information about Eurocircuits here.

Other actions we are interested in:
  • Posting news about the cooperation with Eurocircuits on your social media (twitter/facebook/linkedin/etc.…)
  • The student follows our EC social media:
    linkedin-logo fb-logo Twitter_Icon youtube-logo-full-color