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Posted by   Dirk stans  on 06 Jul 2015  | Posted under   eC-solutions Hits: 3453
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We now have more than 420 eC-stencil-mates and more than 450 eC-reflow-mates in use in the field. We have gathered together some comments from our users which we reproduce with their permission.




"Fast and simple set-up"

Ateknea has 6 offices across the EU, specialising in R&D, Innovation Project Management and innovative engineering solutions. Our engineers have research experience across a wide range of technologies, delivering multi-disciplinary solutions to customers’ projects.

We are specialists in innovation and need to get working prototypes to our customers fast. As we use advanced components reliability is paramount. eC-stencil-mates has greatly improved the quality and reliability of our prototype SMD assemblies. The pin-based registration system makes it fast and accurate to set up, ideal for assembling prototype PCBs with complex components.

- Ateknea Solutions, Barcelona, Spain.

"Increased speed"

"Anglian Electronics are specialists in the design and manufacture of embedded microcontroller-based products and contract electronic manufacturing from prototype design to complete product design and manufacture.

Using eC-stencil-mate I have just populated a batch of boards in 2 hours that previously would have taken me all day."

- Anglian Electronics, Norwich, UK.




"Quick return on investment"

"At embedded projects GmbH we are specialist developers of embedded Linux hardware and software solutions. Hardware products include our own range of embedded measurement and control systems as well as the GNUBLIN family of Linux-based development PCBs.

We need to assemble prototype PCBs and small series, typically 20 – 30 pieces. We were using an assembly service, but decided to investigate the possibilities of doing the work in-house. We surveyed the market for reflow ovens and selected the eC-reflow-mate.

There were cheaper solutions but they did not appear trustworthy: they were poorly engineered and did not provide the overall control we needed for quality reflow soldering.

More expensive solutions offered no better soldering performance than eC-reflow-mate. They added more automation to handle larger production volumes, but our requirements did not warrant the extra costs.

"Our choice was fully justified"

It was very easy to get professional soldering results with little effort and training. eC-reflow-mate worked immediately from the beginning.

Our investment has been paid back really quickly. When we used an assembly service for our prototypes, we had to place a minimum order for 5 – 6 PCBs, even if we only needed 1 – 2. Costs quickly escalated to around €1000. With eC-reflow-mate we can order the exact number of boards we need, usually just 1 – 2, and assemble them in-house. The total costs are now 25% of what we had to pay before.

For our small series, typically 20 – 30 PCBs, we have the added benefit of speed. As well as charging around €1000, assembly companies often require a lead-time of 6 – 8 weeks. Now we can order the PCBs from Eurocircuits on a cost-effective 7 day lead-time and assemble them easily within 2 days. We also save around 75% of the former costs."

- embedded projects GmbH, Augsburg, Germany.

"Essential to our business"

"Visual Engineering are specialists in the design and manufacture of small and tightly integrated remote camera solutions for broadcast and professional security needs. Much of our work is customer-specific, so we need prototype and small batch PCBs fast.

We could not be without the eC-reflow-mate. Once installed we could bring assembly in-house. eC-reflow-mate paid for itself within 2 months."

- Visual Engineering Technologies Ltd., Colchester, UK.

"Gives us the temperature control that we need"

"Our eC-reflow-mate oven worked perfectly for mounting photomultiplier chips which were coated with a temperature sensitive epoxy which wouldn't survive a vapour phase reflow oven"

- Experimental Officer, University of York, UK.


eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow mate.

eC-stencil-mate bottom view
eC-stencil-mate bottom view

"Accurate, reliable and repeatable results impress our customers"

"b-smart are hardware and software project development specialists.

The accuracy and repeatability of eC-stencil-mate allow us to solder finer-pitch components. Previously we had to send these boards to an assembly house, adding additional time and cost to our projects.

The biggest benefit that eC-reflow-mate has given us is a secure and stable soldering environment. Once we have set up the optimum soldering profile for a class of PCBs, it is easy and straightforward to select it again from the menu on the eC-reflow-pilot software. This ensures reliable results for every batch of boards processed.

As a specialist hardware and software developer, we get regular visits from our customers to discuss their projects. They are always impressed when they see that we have professional printing and reflow equipment. eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow-mate enhance our credibility and help us significantly in securing new business."

- b-smart GmbH, Sulzberg, Germany.

"New product development is faster and cheaper"

"ITH are the leading worldwide system supplier of bolting technology. With more than 200 patents to our name, the development of new products is crucial to our ongoing success.

We can order our prototype PCBs from Eurocircuits on a well-priced 5 day delivery. Using our eC-stencil-mate and eC-reflow-mate we can have the finished assembly tested and ready for use a day later. We save 60 – 70% of the cost of using a subcontract assembly house – and assembly houses do not deliver at a reasonable rate in less than 7 days from receipt of the PCBs."

- ITH GmbH, Meschede, Germany

Posted by   Dirk stans  on 06 Jul 2015  | Posted under   eC-solutions Hits: 1302
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Una solución completa de un solo proveedor

El horno eC-reflow-mate  y el  eC-stencil-mate fueron lanzados en noviembre de 2010. Nuestros clientes nos dijeron que necesitaban de reflujo de alta calidad para sus componentes de montaje superficial, pero no podían encontrar el equipo aceptable a un precio adecuado para prototipos y pequeñas series. Desde entonces, los productos están bien establecidos en el mercado con más de 850 unidades instaladas en Europa y en todo el mundo.

La misión de nuestra empresa es ayudar a los diseñadores de PCB llevando sus diseños al mercado rápidamente y dentro del presupuesto. Una solución completa de bajo coste para el montaje de PCB en nuestra empresa reduce el tiempo y los costes extra que se requieren con un montaje por subcontratistas externos.

En los últimos 12 a 18 meses se agregaron nuevos accesorios y equipos para hacer más rápido, más sencillo y más seguro el montaje.


Soldadura más rápida, más simple y más fiable.

eC-reflow mate PCB holder
eC-reflow mate PCB holder
  • ec-reflow-pilot. La última versión cuenta con una nueva interfaz más  fácil de usar. La nueva función de análisis le permite grabar y verificar el funcionamiento de cada zona de curva de soldadura durante o después de una operación de soldadura. Monitoreo adicional le ayuda a obtener el mejor rendimiento del eC-reflow-mate . En particular, es más rápido y más fácil de configurar los perfiles de soldadura para los nuevos tipos de PCB.
  • eC-reflow-mate PCB holder. Coloque varios pequeños PCBs en el EC-PCB-holder y puede hacerlos fluir. Mire el video.
  • eC-solder-paste: calidad profesional en un tubo de 140 g., minimizando residuos cuando se suelda un pequeño número de prototipos. Nuestra última formulación "no-clean" ofrece una vida útil de hasta nueve meses en el tubo, 24-48 horas en el PCB y un tiempo de adhesión de 8 horas. La respuesta muestra que el uso correcto del eC-solder-paste  con nuestros stencils de acero inoxidable en el ec-stencil mate puede eliminar cortes en la soldadura. Los usuarios han informado de que esto puede ahorrar ente 5 horas a 3 días, dependiendo de la complejidad de la obra. Full specification.
  • eC-stencil-wipes: Toallitas sin alcohol y sin pelusa muy absorbente desarrollados en asociación con nuestros socios de tecnología de soldadura para la limpieza de la eC-solder-paste , stencils, o PCBs . Los usuarios nos han informado  que las eC-stencil-wipes  extienden la vida su esténciles y dan una impresión mucho más fiable cuando se re-utiliza los stencils para los lotes siguientes. Full specification
  • eC-stencil-wipes: highly absorbent lint-free, alcohol-free wipes developed in association with our solder technology partners for cleaning eC-solder-paste off stencils, the eC-stencil-mate, or from misprinted PCBs. eC-stencil-wipes are supplied in easy dispenser tubs. Users report that they extend the life of their stencils and give a much more reliable print when they re-use stencils for second and subsequent batches. Full specification.



Soldadura por reflujo sana.

El humo de soldadura es peligroso para la salud si se inhala. Para los usuarios que no tienen extracción de humos existentes, desarrollamos dos accesorios eC-reflow-mate.

  • eC-reflow-mate-hood.  Un complemento para nuestro horno reflow-mate oven V3, el eC-reflow-mate-hood rechaza el humo de soldadura cuando la puerta del horno se abre después del reflujo. La campana está simplemente clipeada en la parte superior del horno con imanes. Úselo con su propio sistema de extracción o el sistema de extracción eC-fumecube  Specification.
  • eC-fumecube.  Seleccionamos sistema compacto con una alta especificación, de extracción de humos para complementar el eC-reflow-mate and hood. El eC-fumecube es rápido y fácil de instalar y tranquilo en funcionamiento.


Hand-solderingLas características incluyen:
Soldadura a mano
Unidad compacta, de acero inoxidable
Funcionamiento continuo de los motores de alto rendimiento.
Control automático del flujo electrónico - mantiene una tasa de extracción constante durante toda la vida útil del filtro
Flujo de aire ajustable
Sistema de alerta Varicolour
Rápido intercambio de filtros para asegurar una vida más larga del aparato
Filtración Submicron (HEPA) elimina 99.997% de partículas hasta 0,3 micras
Filtro de carbón que elimina gases nocivos
Bajos costes de funcionamiento


Soldadura a mano más fiable y segura

    • eC-pre-heater. . Le permite aumentar rápidamente la temperatura de su PCB para permitir una soldadura manual suave y más fácil de componentes críticos, sin dañar los componentes o el PCB.

Las características incluyen:

4 x 400 IR Bloques Calentadores

Comando de 3,5 pulgadas sensible al tacto

Programación "fácil de usar", con temperatura regulable, perfiles de color, etc.

Pizarra magnética ajustable en altura y tamaño de la placa.

Calentamiento controlado por un sensor interno o dos sensores externos en la parte superior e inferior de la placa.

Diseño delgado ergonómico con revestimiento aislante

Full specification

See the eC-pre-heater in action.

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Project deadlines don’t take a summer break, so Eurocircuits doesn’t either; our full range of PCB manufacturing services is available throughout the year. We have no summer shutdown; we only close the plant for Christmas and New Year.

Our staff are committed to providing a continuous service with reliable deliveries all year round. And not just our production staff. Our support engineers are equally committed to sharing our knowledge of PCB fabrication with the design community. They make sure that there are engineers on hand every day to answer your chat requests.

As a board designer you need to be confident that your PCB supplier can offer fast and reliable deliveries whenever you need them. To achieve this needs experienced and specialist capacity planning. With no summer shut-down we must have spare capacity to accommodate machine downtime for planned maintenance, as well as to meet demand growth and demand spikes. We have generated this extra capacity through ongoing investments in new plant and equipment, including the Ledia V5 Direct Imaging system installed in January 2015. Capacity planning has allowed us to handle demand growth (orders up this year already 16% on the same period in 2014), and demand spikes (orders for March 2015 up 35% compared to March 2014) as well as routine maintenance, without weakening our on-time delivery rate.

And if something goes wrong? Where possible we have duplicated processes and machinery, and we have two plants in Europe geared specifically to PCB prototype production, both using the same business model we have refined over the past 15 years.

To see one of our factories in action, go to the video of the Eger, Hungary factory or in more detail How to make a PCB, also filmed in Eger. See another reason why, when you place your order, you can be confident that you will get the right board on the right day.

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De E&A beurs 2015 was een succes voor Eurocircuits.

Bijna 600 mensen hebben onze stand bezocht en hun contactgegevens nagelaten. Dat resulteerde woensdagavond weer in de eerste plaats tijdens de uitreiking van de marketing cup.

Foto – Chiel van Diest

De nieuwigheden die we tijdens de beurs presenteerden en waarover we met onze klanten in debat gingen deden het goed:

  • De resonantie van onze twee nieuwe service NAKED proto en SEMI-FLEX pool schijnt goed te zijn.

  • eC-placer als prototype gepresenteerd op de beurs wekt hoge verwachtingen. We zijn vastbesloten er mee door te gaan en producten voor uitlevering beschikbaar te hebben tegen kwartaal 4 van 2015.


We hebben ook deelgenomen aan het project rond de e-brace (omschrijving en info hier). Het was weer een hele toer om live op de beurs te produceren en logistiek alles voor mekaar te krijgen. Proficiat aan alle deelnemers.

Voor de techneuten willen we er nog op wijzen dat Elektor een forum is gestart omtrent de functionaliteiten van de e-brace en wat je der verder mee kan. Zij zullen dit onderwerp verder uitspinnen.


Verder gaven we een lezing tijdens het seminar "wat kan er virtueel in de elektronicaketen?" (programma en presentaties hier). Hoewel de opkomst van bezoekers aan het seminar eerder karig was, was de kwaliteit van de bezoekers en de reacties zeer goed. Het idee om productiespecialisten vroeg in het ontwikkeltraject te betrekken en als het kan eerst alles virtueel uit te voeren, spreekt velen aan. Het is een onderwerp waar we de komende jaren nog veel van zullen horen en waar Eurocircuits een prominente rol in speelt: "Making boards in the PCB Cloud®!" is bij ons een realiteit.

Samen met tbp hebben we het tot traditie verheven: de gezellige bar bij tbp met lekker Belgisch bier van Eurocircuits.


In het algemeen houden we een warm gevoel over aan de ontmoetingen met u, onze klanten.

Op naar de volgende editie in 2017.

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Posted by   Dirk stans  on 12 Jun 2015  | Posted under   eC-events Hits: 975

Het Vermogenselektronica Event vindt plaats op dinsdag 23 juni 2015 in het "1931 Congrescentrum", in de Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, NL. Het doel van dit event is de diversiteit van toepassingen, innovaties en kennis te tonen op het vlak van Vermogenselektronica.

Het programma is samengesteld in overleg met de TU Delft en de TU Eindhoven. Zo is een kwalitatief sterk programma neergezet waarbij zowel de praktijk als de wetenschap aan bod komen.

Alle marktspelers: toepassers, ontwikkelaars, toeleveranciers en kennisinstituten komen samen tijdens het Vermogenselektronica Event 2015. Met vakgenoten kan men visies, ervaringen en kennis uitwisselen.

Het congresprogramma met 31 lezingen, de verschillende exposanten en de netwerkmogelijkheden maken dit event tot een dag waar u zeker bij moet zijn. Er zijn lezingen over componenten, ontwikkeling en test- & meetapparatuur.

Plenair zijn er twee lezingen gevolgd door 28 parallelle lezingen. In de parallelle sessies komen volgende onderwerpen aan bod:

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Conversion
  • Application
  • Power Research

Het Vermogenselektronica event 2015 biedt de bezoeker de laatste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van Vermogenselektronica en de contacten in Nederland/Benelux om kennis te vergaren en zo toepassingen te verbeteren.

Eurocircuits is er ook bij. Bestel hier je gratis toegangsbewijs.


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