May 2016, Eurocircuits is 25 years young. (Portuguese)

De zero a uma referência europeia no nosso mercado em 25 anos.

Começando só com um telefone, fax e um PC, a Eurocircuits cresceu em 25 anos e é hoje um grupo internacional com 3 fábricas modernas, mais de 200 funcionários e mais de 10.000 clientes confiando-nos anualmente cerca de 100.000 pedidos. Uma história que será festejada algumas vezes este ano.

Atualmente a Eurocircuits é a referência europeia para protótipos PCB e pequenas séries. “Tudo o que vendemos, nós fabricamos”, não vendemos produtos de outras pessoas, o que nos dá um controlo completo do início ao fim, oferecendo o que é conhecido no mercado como tecnologia padrão, portanto, sem perforação laser. A Eurocircuits especializou-se em “order pooling”, o que faz diminuir bastante o preço final dos protótipos e pequenas séries. A nossa palete oferecida de possibilidades tecnológicas é uma dos maiores no mercado.

O espectro de todos os serviços da Eurocircuits está disponível para consulta e encomenda on-line. O nosso site é uma biblioteca livre de usar com questões sobre produção de PCB, e cada conta de cliente contém um grande número de ferramentas livres para usar que ajudam os designers eletrônicos a preparar os seus dados de layout para fazer encomendas livres de erros ou até mesmo oferecer-lhes ferramentas de edição que podem não ter disponíveis nos seus programas CAD.

“Faça o que fizer, você faz melhor” constitui um dos lemas da Eurocircuits. Juntamente com a produção de PCBs também programos os nossos próprios pacotes de software. A nossa administração online, frente interface web final, bem como o apoio de back-office, pertencem à Eurocircuits. Portanto, os investimentos nestes sectores constituem uma importante fatia do nosso orçamento anual.

23 de maio foi um dia de letra vermelha para Eurocircuits NV. Celebramos este acontecimento na Hungria e, ao mesmo tempo inauguramos o nosso novo segundo edifício de Eurocircuits kft.

Por agora, comprometemo-nos a manter o nosso compromisso contínuo para os nossos clientes e as perspectivas para os próximos 25 anos.

May 2016, Eurocircuits is 25 years young. (Spanish)

De cero a una referencia europea en nuestro mercado en 25 años.

A partir de un simple teléfono, fax y PC, Eurocircuits creció en 25 años y ahora es un grupo internacional con 3 fábricas modernas, más de 200 empleados y más de 10.000 clientes que confían en nosotros cada año alrededor de 100.000 placas. Una historia que se celebrará un par de veces este año.

Actualmente Eurocircuits es la referencia europea para prototipos y pequeñas series de PCB. “Todo lo que vendemos, fabricamos,” no vendemos productos de otras personas, lo que nos da un control completo de principio a fin, proporcionando lo que se conoce en el mercado como la tecnología estándar, así que no hacemos perforación por láser. Eurocircuits es especializado en “orden de puesta en común (panelized)”, lo que reduce significativamente el precio final de prototipos y pequeñas series. Nuestra paleta ofrece muchas posibilidades tecnológicas y es una de las más grandes del mercado.

El espectro de todos los servicios Eurocircuits está disponible para ver y ordenar en línea. Nuestro sitio es una biblioteca de uso gratuito con preguntas acerca de la producción de PCB, y cada cuenta de cliente contiene un gran número de herramientas de uso gratuito para ayudar a los diseñadores de electrónica para preparar sus datos de diseño para hacer órdenes libres de errores o incluso incluso ofrecerles herramientas de edición que pueden no estar disponibles en su programa de CAD.

“Todo lo que hace, lo hace mejor” es uno de los lemas de Eurocircuits. Junto con la producción de PCB también programamos nuestros propios paquetes de software. Nuestra gestión en línea,  interfaz web final, así como el apoyo de back-office, pertenecen a Eurocircuits. Por lo tanto, las inversiones en estos sectores constituyen una parte importante de nuestro presupuesto anual.

23 de mayo fue un día de letra roja para Eurocircuits NV. Celebramos este acontecimiento en Hungría y, al mismo tiempo abrimos nuestras  segundo edificio en Eurocircuits Kft.

Por ahora, nos comprometemos a mantener nuestro compromiso continuo con nuestros clientes actuales y potenciales para los próximos 25 años.

May 2016, Eurocircuits is 25 years young.

From zero to European Reference in our market in 25 years.

Starting with a telephone, fax and a PC, Eurocircuits grew in 25 years to an international group with 3 modern factories, over 200 employees and more than 10.000 customers trusting us yearly with around 100.000 orders. A story that will be celebrated a few times this year.

Currently Eurocircuits is the European reference for PCB prototypes and small series. “Everything we sell, we make” we don’t sell other peoples’ product, giving us complete control from start to finish offering what is known in the market as standard technology, hence no laser drilled holes. Eurocircuits specialises in order pooling which brings the price down for prototypes and small series. The offered pallet of technological possibilities is one of the largest in the market.

The entire Eurocircuits service spectrum is available for consulting and ordering on line. Our website is a free to use library of PCB issues and every customer account contains a large number of free to use tools that help electronics designers prepare their layout data for error-free ordering or even offer them editing tools that may not have been available in their CAD package.

“Whatever you do yourself, you do best” is one of Eurocircuits mottos. Next to the production of the PCBs we also program our own software packages. Our online administration, front end web interface as well as the back office support, is created by Eurocircuits. Therefore, ICT investments form an important chunk of our yearly budget.

23rd of May is the red letter day for Eurocircuits NV. We will celebrate this in Hungary and at the same time inaugurate our new second building of Eurocircuits kft, we will report of this later.

For now, we pledge our continued commitment to our customers and prospects for the next 25 years.

Eurocircuits get to see the 1st year of design for WUSAT 3

Eurocircuits have always had a proud tradition of supporting the next generation of engineers ‘pioneer and push the boundaries of development and innovation’.

You may remember our last years” BLOG where eight engineering students led by Dr Bill Crofts saw the conclusion of their 3 year project culminate in their CubeSat being launched on a European space agency rocket. As the CubeSat fell to earth its mission was to measure light frequencies from the outer atmosphere and transmit them back to the team before dropping back to earth.

This week I had the pleasure of being invited to the WUSAT 3 sponsors day where I was introduced to the project plans and ambitions for the next stage of Dr Crofts amazing team.

WUSAT 3 is a 4 year project which will involve designing a 3 tier CubeSat to be taken to the International space station and from there it will be Launched to orbit the earth transmitting its data back to the team.

This is not a simple project and competition to secure the chance to add a payload to the International Space station is fierce. Specification of materials, weight and objectives are critical and if all do not fall within these strict specifications, the project will never get off the ground.

This is the first year of the project and we were introduced to 2 of the project members (Stephen Betts – Electronics and software and Tom Harris – mechanical design) who provided an excellent presentation on the progress of the project so far and intended use of the WUSAT 3 CubeSat.

One of the hardest parts of any project is “WHY”.

Trying to identify a worthy cause which would justify the University of Warwicks request for space aboard the ISS. Eurocircuits prides itself on its environmental conscientiousness so the chosen ‘why’ was particularly significant as the team are designing a Satellite which will monitor the migration patterns of birds around the globe (I have obviously simplified this substantially).

The Team have made huge progress, discovering many obstacles in their path but with such a diverse set of skills and knowledge, they are constantly innovating and problem solving to ensure they meet their objectives and the rigid requirements demanded from space exploration.

The team must now handover to next year’s team to continue the next stages of implementation, testing trials and justification.

I was very impressed by the team’s progress to date and Eurocircuits looks forward to continuing to support them in their amazing work.

If you would like to know more about the project or participate in sponsoring the team then contact Dr Bill Crofts.

IMS pool PCB forms the basis of the “vlak” ambient light.

During the Dutch Design Week 2015, Gregor van Egdom launched his Vlak 1 desk light. The “vlak” ambient light consists of a single IMS board (Insulated Metal Substrate) produced using Eurocircuits’ IMS pool service. On the foot of the light for aesthetic reasons some components are kept visible. Using the PCB as an integral part of the product structure, allows the lamp to be 1.6mm thin and avoids any visible wires.

Turning the power knob transforms the emitted light from cozy warm to day-light bright. LEDs with different colours define this wide colour palet thus using modern technology to simulate the natural light of the old-fashioned light bulb.

Vlak 1 is a European product manufactured in Europe. Development, prototyping and testing was done in Holland and the prime component, the IMS PCB is produced in Eurocircuits factory in Hungary. All at the Dutch Design Week pre-ordered products were assembled and packed in Europe.

Vlak 1 can be ordered via its website.

A few days back, Elektor wrote a nice review on IMS pool which forms a perfect addiction to the subject here.

For any interest in the Eurocircuits IMS pool service, click here.

Eurocircuits Eger finishes second building.

In 2014 the plan grew to extend the housing for our Eurocircuits kft facility in Eger. After the preparation of the building ground in 2014, the construction started in July 2015. 31st of March 2016 the building was officially finished after which we can start furnishing it.

The building has two floors and is 1,980 sqm large. Like our 5,000 sqm main building it is build on a rather steep slope. Around 7.000 cubic meter of soil was dug out.

The basement is a solid concrete construction with 30cm brick walls and 12cm thermal insulation. The basement is 890 sqm large and serves as stock, logistic area, server room, technical installation and then mens social rooms.

The upper level is a metal construction with insulated panels 150/160mm (Kingspan). Also 890 sqm, it serves as production area, office, kitchen and social area for the women workers.

Operating between the two floors, there is a 600kg strong elevator.

The entire building is managed by a Building Management System that takes control over the fire detection, the access control, the camera system and the heating and cooling and the energy management.

We have a large interest in consciously using energy. Our 37KW air-compressor contains a heat exchanger, our building is fitted with 3-layer glass windows, walls roof and the basement floor are well insulated and the roof is filled with solar collectors for hot water and 34KW strong solar cells.

The total investment was 1.35M€, spent to allow our Eurocircuits Eger site to grow and flourish.