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KISS LoRa gadget – last remaining pieces – get one now!

The exhibition gadgets, KISS LoRa, are running out.


Keep It Simple Stupid, Long Range Low Power cloud communication application, in short, “KISS LoRa”, is this years’ exhibition gadget.

KISS LoRa is a wireless sensor/actuator platform with IoT-functionality. During E&A2017, 30th of May till 1st of June, you can discover how the gadget is produced on a live running production line.

Getting your hands on one is only possible when you register for a free entry ticket for the exhibition via this link, and personally visit the show.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and ever interesting show.

Still in doubt to visit? Check out the seminars held during the show!

Every exhibition day morning, you can choose to visit one of three seminars held in a professional seminar room by subject specialists. Check it out here!

We hope to welcome you during Electronics & Applications in Utrecht, Hall 7, booth F079.

Kind regards,

Matthieu Samain


TU Delft Solar Boat Team – sponsored by Eurocircuits

Hi there! In this BLOG, I will explain how the electronic hardware development (PCB’s) is done by the electronics engineers of the Solar Boat Team. Our team is building a boat on solar energy, which operates as efficient as possible. For this purpose, we use hydrofoils, which can lift the boat out of the water. However, as our boat is electrical, we need a lot of electronic systems to make our boat work as efficient as possible.

TU Delft Solar Boat

To do this, we spend lots of time behind the computer, which is very close to the coffee machine, so we have a constant flow of people coming by, seeing something with a lot of colours that looks very professional on the screen and saying “lekker bezig!”. But what are we doing?

First, PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, and it is basically a board (usually green) that has traces (lines of copper) and pads that connect various points together. In the picture, you can see, for example, the PCB of the logger. We think it is very important to know how each component works and that’s why almost all the boat’s electronics are designed and built by ourselves. We have designed, among other things, our own Battery Management System, Energy Management System, 24V distribution, height control, MPPT switch, dashboard and steering wheel and a logger.

When starting with your design, you first need to consider exactly what functions the design needs to fulfil. For example, the logger serves the function of taking data from the CAN bus and storing it on a MicroSD for testing. But the board also needs power to be supplied. This power, in the case of the logger, will come from a 24V bus line. However, your components will work with 5V or 3.3V, so you need to install a set of buck-converters. You will also need a subsystem in charge of the control, in which the microcontroller will be placed, and a subsystem for debugging and programming this microcontroller.

The next step is to translate these design functions into a circuit schematic. Almost anyone can come up with specific functions for a design, but only electronic engineers have the expertise and knowledge to design the boat’s complex circuits. Many design aspects can only be learned by practicing, so the help of Luc Does from the old team has been necessary. The schematic design is the most challenging part in the PCB design process and takes the longest.

Once all of the schematics have been drawn, the actual board needs to be designed. In this phase, components such as resistors and chips have to be placed on the board and connected to each other. This is the most fun part of the design because it is like solving a challenging puzzle and you get a good glimpse of how the final PCB will look like.

Once the board design is finished and everything is properly routed, we need to order the PCBs from Eurocircuits, one of our sponsors. The nice thing about Eurocircuits (besides them sponsoring us) is that they have an online tool that immediately tells us if something is wrong with our production files and if it fits in the technology class we had in mind. When Eurocircuits tells us that the design is OK, we order it and in two weeks’ time we can start assembling the design for real.

When doing small batches, we solder everything by hand. However, for large batches or very complex PCBs we use specialized equipment. In the D:Dreamhal there is a room full of Eurocircuits’ equipment such as a pick and place machine, reflow oven and functional testers. Last week we ordered a lot of different PCBs so we expect to be pretty busy the coming weeks, assembling and testing our designs.

Suzanne Assen / Chief Electronics

TU Delft Solar Boat Team
Stevinweg 1
2628 CN Delft


Eurocircuits organizes 2 interesting 1-day seminars for electronics designers at Eurcocuits Aachen!


  • eC-workshop – high speed design
  • eC-workshop – KiCAD

April 4 – 2017 – eC-workshop – high speed design.


Creating complex layouts with modern EDA-tools is a lot easier than it has been in the past. However there are still challenges one has to face when using state of the art technology. Especially hi-speed designs that make use of DDR2/3-RAM and fast serial interfaces like LVDS and hi-speed USB may pose a challenge.

This workshops deals with the issues that arise when creating layouts for such hi-speed designs. One needs to consider suitable multilayer-stackups as well as controlled impedance and signal propagation delay.

There are a lot of tools available to help with these issues, but most of these tools are quite expensive. In this workshop we will examine how to create sophisticated hi-speed layouts using EAGLE and tools that are either open-source of free of charge.

More on this eC-workshop here!

For participant convenience and to ensure the best possible quality of the workshop, we limit the number of participants per session to 10. Register for this seminar via this link.

April 5 – 2017 – eC-workshop – KiCAD.


KiCAD is a free & open-source software suite for EDA. For a while now the layout engine of KiCAD has been more powerful than similar layout engines of some commercial EDA suites.

KiCAD is available for Windows, OSX and Linux – in binary and source code.

This workshop covers schematics capture and layouts using KiCAD.

More on this eC-workshop here!

For participant convenience and to ensure the best possible quality of the workshop, we limit the number of participants per session to 10. Register for this seminar via this link

We hope to welcome you in our factory Eurocircuits Aachen in Baesweiler – Germany.

Kind regards,

Christof Vercouter


Electronics & Automation 2017 – Gratis toegang en een leuk beursgadget – registreer en reserveer nu !


  • Gratis beurstoegang
  • Gratis beursgadget – beperkt aantal

Gratis naar de E&A beurs.

Als Eurocircuits relatie kan u nu al registreren via deze link en verzekert u zich van uw gratis toegangsbewijs.

Gratis beursgadget – wees er als de kippen bij!

Het aantal beursgadgets, KISS LoRa, is beperkt.


Samen met een ganse groep FHI-leden van de branche Industriële Elektronica maken we het weer mogelijk dat u een leuk beursgadget, “KISS LoRa”, kan verwerven.

KISS LoRa is een draadloos sensor/actuatorplatform met IoT-functionaliteit. Tijdens E&A2017 kan aan de live productielijn ontdekken hoe de deelnemers het beursgadget live produceren.

Reserveer nu via deze link, want binnen een week zal iedereen kunnen registreren en is het aantal gadgets mogelijk snel uitgeput.

Wij hopen velen onder jullie te mogen verwelkomen.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Matthieu Samain


Electronics & Automation 2017 Free entry ticket and fun gadget – register and reserve now!


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  • Free gadget – limited availability

Visit the E&A exhibition without entry fee

Eurocircuits customers can already register for a free entry ticket via this link.

Challenging exhibition gadget – only early birds can get one!

The amount of exhibition gadgets, KISS LoRa, is limited


An enthusiastic group of FHI-members of the branch Industrial Electronics have created an interesting exhibition gadget, “KISS LoRa”.

KISS LoRa is a wireless sensor/actuator platform with IoT-functionality. During E&A2017 you can discover how the gadget is produced on a live running production line.

Reserve your gadget now via this link, then one week from now, all will be able to register and reserve a gadget which could lead to shortage and you missing out on this opportunity.

We hope to welcome you end of May.

Kind regards,

Matthieu Samain


Eurocircuits at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show 2017

Eurocircuits are renowned for their quality Prototype PCB’s and Equipment but did you know we also provide solder paste stencils for precise application of solder paste to your design.

So the question is how do you achieve that professional production quality on a prototype design? Eurocircuits have the answer, we developed a unique free service of eC-registration where we place registration holes in a frame around your boards and registration holes in the stencil for precise, repeatable stencil alignment.

But the most impressive part to this is how to cost effectively align the board and stencil we have developed with a reusable system we call eC-stencil-fix you can see how it works below:

The Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show is free to visit and runs 21st  – 23rd March 2017 In Farnborough.

See first-hand how Eurocircuits can help you produce professional assembly of your prototype designs.

You can check out more of our prototype solutions on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/eurocircuits.

We look forward to welcoming you there!

Steve Jones