Electronics & Applications 2017 – Last KISS LoRa gadgets – register and reserve now!

Content Free entry ticket Free gadget – last few gadgets remaining Interesting seminars Visit the E&A exhibition without entry fee. Eurocircuits customers can register for a free entry ticket via this link. KISS LoRa gadget – last remaining pieces – get one now! The exhibition gadgets, KISS LoRa, are running out. Keep It Simple Stupid, […]

TU Delft Solar Boat Team – sponsored by Eurocircuits

Hi there! In this BLOG, I will explain how the electronic hardware development (PCB’s) is done by the electronics engineers of the Solar Boat Team. Our team is building a boat on solar energy, which operates as efficient as possible. For this purpose, we use hydrofoils, which can lift the boat out of the water. […]

Eurocircuits organizes 2 interesting 1-day seminars for electronics designers at Eurcocuits Aachen!

Content eC-workshop – high speed design eC-workshop – KiCAD April 4 – 2017 – eC-workshop – high speed design.   Creating complex layouts with modern EDA-tools is a lot easier than it has been in the past. However there are still challenges one has to face when using state of the art technology. Especially hi-speed […]

Electronics & Automation 2017 – Gratis toegang en een leuk beursgadget – registreer en reserveer nu !

Inhoud Gratis beurstoegang Gratis beursgadget – beperkt aantal Gratis naar de E&A beurs. Als Eurocircuits relatie kan u nu al registreren via deze link en verzekert u zich van uw gratis toegangsbewijs. Gratis beursgadget – wees er als de kippen bij! Het aantal beursgadgets, KISS LoRa, is beperkt. Samen met een ganse groep FHI-leden van […]

Electronics & Automation 2017 Free entry ticket and fun gadget – register and reserve now!

Content Free entry ticket Free gadget – limited availability Visit the E&A exhibition without entry fee Eurocircuits customers can already register for a free entry ticket via this link. Challenging exhibition gadget – only early birds can get one! The amount of exhibition gadgets, KISS LoRa, is limited An enthusiastic group of FHI-members of the […]

Eurocircuits at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics show 2017

Eurocircuits are renowned for their quality Prototype PCB’s and Equipment but did you know we also provide solder paste stencils for precise application of solder paste to your design. So the question is how do you achieve that professional production quality on a prototype design? Eurocircuits have the answer, we developed a unique free service […]