The Agoria Solar Team is a team of 20 engineering students from the KU Leuven. Their goal is to build the best and most innovative solar car to participate in several international races competing against university teams from all over the world. Normally, the team would participate in the biannual Bridgestone World Solar Challenge this summer, the most prestigious racing adventure for solar cars in existence. Here, teams must cross the Australian Outback from the very north to the very south, a race of more than 3,000 kilometers. But the ninth solar car of the Agoria Solar Team did not participate in the BWSC but instead has successfully withstand its challenges in Morocco but also in South-Africa! The races, where the team became 2nd twice, were a real challenge that has not been seen before in the history of the Solar Team. In Morocco, the parkour itself was a huge challenge. The mountains, normally not a part of the solar challenges turned out to be challenging for the BluePoint Atlas. However, although the challenge, no mountain was high enough for the Atlas. The race in south-Africa was a beautiful one which consisted of 8 (!) racing days compared to the normal 5 racing days with the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and featured really beautiful roads but also the real beauty of the south-African landscape. In both races the BluePoint Atlas had almost no Electrical problems, which has a lot to do with the reliable partners we can trust upon.

Partnership with Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits provides the team with all the prototype PCBs the team needs to make and assemble the car, but also makes the production PCBs that are used as spares but also as the main components of the car. This reliable source of PCBs not only makes the development time of the PCBS to be really short enabling the team to (re-)iterate quickly over the designs that are made, improving the reliability but also easing the steep learning process of initial PCB design.

A couple of examples of PCBs within the solar car are the Motor inverter, the display, the signal box and the BMS (Battery Management System).


The Agoria Solar Team wants to thank Eurocircuits for their services and with helping us maintain our reliability within our new solar car.

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