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For successful large-scale projects, a high-performing team is necessary. We are AMZ-Racing, the Formula Student team of ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and we have been building a new racing car every year since 2006.

Thanks to a close cooperation between our active team members and our numerous alumni and sponsors, we are able to build advanced race cars that can drive both with and without a driver (driverless). Currently, our team consists of around 60 dedicated members who have committed themselves to this challenging goal together.

In this year’s racing car, named “Castor,” we use a variety of self-developed printed circuit boards (PCBs), which were manufactured in close collaboration with the renowned company Eurocircuits. The PCBs used are of the highest quality and have been specifically tailored to the needs of our racing car to ensure optimal performance and maximum safety. The six PCBs produced by Eurocircuits, which are located in our inverter, stand out particularly for their excellent quality and breakdown resistance. These properties are of crucial importance, as they allow for precise placement of traces on the PCBs, thus realising an extremely compact design without damaging the insulation. Through careful selection of the materials used and the precise processing of the PCBs, Eurocircuits guarantees us the highest possible reliability and durability of our inverter system. With this technical solution, we achieve a maximum level of efficiency and performance that meets the demanding requirements of a highly advanced electric race car.



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