As with every year, we will take a break over the Christmas period. We will switch off the lights on the 23rd of December 2021 and switch them back on the 3rd of January 2022.

If you need your boards before Christmas or for when you return to work in the New Year, please make sure you order them in time.

Last shipment of 2021 is on 22nd December *

Do not miss this important date!

Simply click on the button below to use our online calculator to find a suitable date when you can place an order to meet the last shipment date (as above). It takes less than a minute!

Online Calculator Button

For bare board PCB orders we maintain a stock of all the material required and thus shipping on-time is straightforward. If you have included our assembly service in your order then (as you are most likely aware), you should allow for the uncertainty of component availability and longer than usual lead times for some components.

If you are running a tight schedule for your project, we would suggest that even before you have finished the design that you define the key components in your BOM, and then use our Parts Reservation tool to pre-order these components in advance. This way we can already source these key components for you while you are finishing your design and the layout of your PCB.

Our Parts Reservation service is explained in detail here:

Parts Reservation User Guide

If you have any questions or need our help please contact us using our online chat available on our website or find your local contact information here.

The Eurocircuits Team.

* Notes

  • All Lead times are subject to the availability of materials and components.
  • All Lead times are subject to the availability of manufacturable customer data.
  • For orders containing more than 200 BOM lines or 1000 component placements please launch an inquiry through our PCB Configurator.
  • Delivery is subject to local courier schedules.

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