Eurocircuits has always had a proud tradition of Supporting ecological projects and Educational team activities.

Over the years we have sponsored many worthwhile and inspirational projects, some fun and competitive like the Formula student teams, some ground breaking like CUBE satellites launched into the atmosphere to gather scientific data and others where hard work, dedication have seen the team innovate using natural resources to the benefit of mankind.

One such team is the Durham  University Electronic Motorsport team who have excelled in their field and travelled the globe with their project to race there Solar powered car participating in the 3000km Bridgestone World Solar challenge 2017 in Australia.

The team have been innovative and very professional throughout the project and have created a short video of their journey which you can discover here above.

Last month DUEM were representing the team, sponsors and the solar car industry at the UN Climate Summit in Bonn, Germany, where they became a founding member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, alongside giants such as Solar Impulse. They are now part of a ground-breaking movement, driving renewable energy forward. Check out their blog post to learn more.

Eurocircuits are proud and honoured to have been with the team from the beginning and know that these young men and woman will continue to inspire us and future generations.

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