Online quoting helps busy designers get prices fast and keep critical projects on schedule. But many designers tell us that most online systems cannot cope with complex PCBs, so they lose up to 2 – 3 days waiting for fabricators to quote offline.
Our online smart menus already provide a wide range of options for complex PCBs, and validate them as the data is entered. Two functions, new for 2014, add more options.

Build-up wizard for blind and buried vias

The new PCB Configurator menu offers you over 700 pre-set multilayer builds to keep design costs down and make ordering faster.If you need blind or buried vias, the new Buildup wizard allows you add them to the build.

Not all combinations are possible so the wizard automatically checks that your build can be manufactured and, if not explains why.

That way there will be no production problems down-line, and no design re-spins needed.

Layer mapping

PCB Visualizer uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate the board build from the Gerber files and drill data. Inevitably among the 50,000+ new designs we handle every year, sometimes there is not enough data to make the assignment. PCB Visualizer will then flag up a message “Build may not be correct”. Layer mapping allows you to correct or complete the layer assignment. At the same time PCB Visualizer analyses your assignment and stores it to improve future recognition.

Try the Buildup Wizard at

Find more information on Build-up wizard and Layer mapping , blind and buried vias and on our recommended layer naming conventions.

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