Eurocircuits doesn’t take a summer break since your project deadlines don’t either.

Our full range of PCB manufacturing services is available throughout the year. We have no summer shutdown; we only close the plant for Christmas and New Year.

Our production staff are committed to providing a continuous service with reliable deliveries all year round. Our support engineers are equally committed to sharing our knowledge of PCB fabrication with the design community. They make sure that there are engineers on hand every day to answer your chat requests.


Watch the construction of Eurocircuits’ new building in just a few minutes.

During the construction period of our new Eger building we have made pictures every 5 minutes and edited them together into one time lapse video to give an impression of the entire building process. In only 6 minutes we take you through the entire journey of the expansion of our Eurocircuits Eger plant.

WoTS badge – PCB produced by Eurocircuits

The WoTS-badge is an idea and development of Salland Electronics and Eurocircuits. The WoTS-badge is a display of 85 LEDs which you can simply pin on your clothing. The WoTS-badge can display a large variety of texts and animations. The freeware app (Android, IOS and Windows) is a handy tool to program the WoTS-badge. On your smart phones’ screen, you can simply input texts or draw pictures. The WoTS-badge connects to your smart phone via the new Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth 4.0 LE chip.

“WoTS-badge”, is the exhibition gadget for the industry branche Industrial Electronics of FHI for this years’ World of Technology & Science exhibition in Holland.

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We have elaborated further on in house assembly of these prototypes in this story.

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