In this update

  • New direct imaging technology – more capacity, more design options
  • 2015 – a record start to the year
  • Medium-volume BINDI pool now UL approved – and 4 layers soon
  • Eurocircuits sponsor student projects

Direct-imaging technology


The Ledia V5 direct-imaging system, installed in January, is our largest single investment in a single piece of equipment – and is already paying off. Direct imaging has boosted our production capacity in time to handle the fastest growth in orders we have seen in years. See how it works in our technical BLOG.


The reliable assembly of new-generation BGAs, QFNs and fine-pitch leaded components demands tighter-toleranced soldermasks. Ledia images finer soldermask dams than conventional phototools. We will use it in conjunction with our forthcoming solder-bridge pre-CAM tool to produce the optimum soldermask solution for your designs.

2015 – a record first quarter

Q1-2015 we served more than 5,500 customers with almost 24,000 orders. Thus we are up 15.8% and 18.5% on the first quarter of 2014. And 2014 was already a record year.

BINDI pool news

  • Our BINDI pool service for orders up to 50 m2 is now UL approved. UL marking can be added to your boards at no extra cost
  • From May BINDI pool will offer 4-layer multilayers as well as 2-layer PCBs

Student project sponsorship

We have sponsored student projects across Europe for many years as part of our commitment to foster new generations of electronics designers. See our BLOGS for some recent projects. If you are looking for sponsorship for a student or educational project, contact us at

Technical blogs

Some recent highlights, all now available in English, French. Spanish and Portuguese:

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