Version 7 of CadSoft’s EAGLE PCB design software is scheduled for release in July 2014. Switch to EAGLE V6 now and benefit from enhanced design technology right away. Then get a FREE update to V7 when it is released.

Buy EAGLE V6 now and upgrade to V7 for FREE

CadSoft’s EAGLEsoftware is one of the most popular CAD packagesin Europe. It’s easy to learn, easy to use and affordable with a powerful range of functions and proven support. Find out more .

Eurocircuits have workedclosely with CadSoft for the last 5 – 6 years. Users can read our DRC parameters directly into EAGLE V6 and then upload their V6 data files directly into PCB Visualizer. So designers get their prototype PCBs with no delays and on our most cost-effective service.

EAGLE version 7 will be launched in July but you can get the benefits of EAGLE right away. Buy or upgrade to Version 6 and the upgrade to V7 will be FREE as soon as it launched. More info [link to blog]. Buy EAGLE V6 from Eurocircuitshere. Upgrade Terms and Conditions [ do we need this here? If so, link to blog.]

Technical blogs

We have added more technical blogs to our website.

  • Updated user interface [still not sure which blog you want here – or is it a new one?]
  • Marking editor. Use the NEW PCB Visualizer function to add custom markingto your PCB.
  • Evertiq TEC Stockholm. Read our headline conference presentation on using our smart menus to optimise your design flow.

We have an on-going program of technical papers, but if there are particular topics on which you would like us to produce a blog, please email your usual sales contact or