Last Season Sum Up

Last season FST Lisboa competed with its 10th generation prototypes on the electric category with the FST10e and, for the first time in the team’s history, in the driverless category with 10d formerly known as 09e which was worked on to gain driverless capabilities. Both prototypes competed in FS Spain and FS Germany managing to place 3rd in the driverless category and 4th in electric at the Spanish competition.

Having competed for the first time in the autonomous category last summer was a very rich learning experience. By being constantly pushed to improve our own systems and with the knowledge that is shared between all teams at formula student competitions, we start this new season eager to design new systems and implement new concepts which will allow us to be even more competitive.


2022 Season

This summer we will be competing in FS Germany, FS Austria, FS Czech and FS Spain with our first prototype designed from scratch to be autonomous, the FST11. This poses a great challenge since every department of the team has been tasked with accommodating the new systems required for the car to be driverless while maintaining a high standard of performance and reliability. To keep up with all these objectives, this year FST Lisboa relies on +50 team members working in 7 different departments.

The FST 11 will be more competitive when being driven by a pilot as well as in driverless mode. To accomplish this, nearly no system will remain untouched and a lot of time and effort is being put into redesigning a big part of the car’s electronics.

To bring the FST11 and all these new designs to life and on time we are very happy to be working with Eurocircuits which will help us make good designs and as importantly a good quality final product.


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