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About the Project

International Future Energy Challenge (IFEC) is an undergraduate student competition organised every year with the aim of introducing students to the real projects in the field of power electronics. This year’s challenge is based on creating light and efficient 1kW solar inverter. The main advantage of such device is that the modularity of the system can be introduced. This corresponds to growing microgrid implementation. With new technologies such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) we aim to ensure high efficiency and power density with optimal design of hardware and software.



About the Cooperation

When the PCB team finished the design of our PCB board, easy guidelines on the Eurocircuits website were very helpful and easy to follow regarding the upload of the Gerber files. Our PCB team was very pleased to find that the according stencil can be ordered with the board. The colour and the quantity can be selected easily as well as the information regarding the delivery of the packet. The shipment and delivery of the board was prompt which is crucial for our team functioning in sync and as per plan. Collaboration with Eurocircuits staff was very natural and professional as always.



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