During the Dutch Design Week 2015, Gregor van Egdom launched his Vlak 1 desk light. The “vlak” ambient light consists of a single IMS board (Insulated Metal Substrate) produced using Eurocircuits’ IMS pool service. On the foot of the light for aesthetic reasons some components are kept visible. Using the PCB as an integral part of the product structure, allows the lamp to be 1.6mm thin and avoids any visible wires.

Turning the power knob transforms the emitted light from cozy warm to day-light bright. LEDs with different colours define this wide colour palet thus using modern technology to simulate the natural light of the old-fashioned light bulb.

Vlak 1 is a European product manufactured in Europe. Development, prototyping and testing was done in Holland and the prime component, the IMS PCB is produced in Eurocircuits factory in Hungary. All at the Dutch Design Week pre-ordered products were assembled and packed in Europe.

Vlak 1 can be ordered via its website.

A few days back, Elektor wrote a nice review on IMS pool which forms a perfect addiction to the subject here.

For any interest in the Eurocircuits IMS pool service, click here.