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“You grow with the challenges” is how we sum up our review of 2021. The past year has challenged us several times, and not only because of the SARS COVID restrictions. We always made every effort to protect our staff whilst at the same time continuing production even with staff shortages due to quarantine. Last summer we also wanted to celebrate our 30th anniversary together with our staff and partners, but we decided to postpone it for well-known reasons.

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An historic shortage of electronic components

The world-wide shortage of components has kept us on our toes and still does. To help alleviate this we introduced our unique Parts Reservation service, and also strengthened our partnership with leading component suppliers to help avoid delays. Therefore, we recommend that when selecting components for your design you select those available from our suppliers and to use our Parts Reservation service for key components.

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Rising costs in all aspects of our operation was, and still is, a difficult challenge. Raw materials, transport and energy specifically have become substantially more expensive within a single year: copper has risen by 51%, air freight by nearly 26% and electricity by 72%.

Additionally, over the same period base and raw material costs have risen by almost 32%. We avoided this impacting our pricing and thus our customers’ costs in 2021 by purchasing and holding a large stock of raw and base materials at the old price.

No physical fairs and a fire in the PCB factory

For the first time since 2003, embedded world did not take place as a physical event. Instead, it was a virtual event and even though we were there online, we really missed the face-to-face conversations and the special atmosphere of the exhibition halls. That’s why we are already looking forward to the next trade fair for the embedded community from 21 to 23 June 2022 in Nuremberg.

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Our new building in Eger Hungary was completed on schedule and in the autumn our staff moved in and enjoyed its benefits. Unfortunately, the joy of this was overshadowed by a fire in our PCB production in October. But this did not stop us and with a great effort from all our staff we were able to be back in full production in just 2 weeks.

Our Eger factory was Back in Full Production 2 Weeks after the Fire

Despite all of these challenges — or perhaps because of them! — 2021 was the most successful year in our 30-year history. We have shown that we are agile, flexible, and excellent at crisis management. We are proud of our great team, our partners, suppliers and loyal customers.

2021 in Figures

  • T/O Growth +13%
  • €36M T/O
  • Status Quo in Orders*
  • Status Quo in Customers**
  • Staff 450
Number of Customers 2021 Graph
PCB Manufacturing
  • T/O Growth +7.8%
  • 11,739 Customer (+0,3%)
  • 94,402 Orders (-0,4%)
  • 384 Average Orders/Day***
  • 76% New Orders – 24% Repeats
  • Stencils Ordered with 23% of New Orders
  • 83% of all Orders with Lead Time ≤5 WD
Number of Orders 2021 Graph
PCB Assembly
  • T/O Growth +25.9%
  • 2,346 Customer (+22,9%)
  • 9,510 Orders (+21,0%)
  • 38 Average Orders/Day***
  • 10% of all New PCB Orders are Assembled
  • 80% of all Orders with Lead Time ≤5 WD
2021 Sales in Euro Graph

* an order can consist of a PCB, a PCB + a stencil or a PCB + assembly or… All items that are ordered together with a PCB are considered as one order.
** a customer is a legal identity buying from us one or multiple items or services per calendar year.
*** Based on 250 working days per calendar year.

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