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As with previous years, we’re excited to share our plans for the new year with our community right after Looking Back on the past year. In 2022, we are working on three major projects that will make our services faster and more flexible so that we can support your projects even better.

The first major project is the expansion of our plants in Hungary and Germany. The second is the improvement of our Eurocircuits Smart Tools for designers. The third major project is a brand new service: customised, individually machined and assembled enclosures! Read below for more details.

Extension of our European premisses

Investments in machinery is on our agenda every year. In 2022, we plan to invest €8.7 million in PCB production and assembly at our Eger/Hungary and Baesweiler/Germany factories. The largest item, costing over €2.8 million, is a new PCB assembly facility in Eger. Construction work began recently on a two-storey building with 3200 square metres of floor space. The plant is three times as large as our current PCB assembly plant and should be ready for occupancy at the end of the year. At the same time, we are building an additional PCB assembly facility at our Baesweiler plant.

Improved smart tools for optimal customer support

In order to reduce and, if possible, avoid delays due to missing components, we introduced our Parts Reservation service in spring 2021. We’re working on the next major version of this service, where after uploading the BOM, the availability or alternatives are displayed for each component. This way, alternative components can be taken into account in the design, or the components can be ordered in advance. This update should be available soon.

We’re also optimising  the Data Feedback tool so that it’s much more dynamic. This means that all proposed changes in the bill of materials (BOM) are documented and archived online in the project history. This way, PCB designers can download this information for their technical documentation.

New service! Electronics and enclosures from a single source

This year we are setting the next milestone in our 30-year Company History. We’ve partnered with renowned enclosure specialist Bopla to offer you standard or customisable enclosures through the same ordering interface you’re used to. This means that your PCB data will be seamlessly available when choosing a plastic or aluminium enclosure for your project. The enclosures will be customised, printed, and assembled in our own factories.

In the coming months we will report in detail about our projects and we are looking forward to your feedback.

The Eurocircuits Team

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