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The shortage of materials has worsened further; there is no relaxation in sight. That’s why the everyday heroes are our purchasing staff. For weeks, our team has been giving its all to bring in the electronic components so that we can deliver your PCB assemblies as quickly as possible. We explain the unprecedented situation on the procurement market in the first article.

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Allocation slows down the electronics industry

According to the electronics association ZVEI, material shortages and supply bottlenecks are causing difficulties for 80% of all companies. The order books are full, but there is a shortage of material. The cause is a special, unprecedented mixed situation.

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Eurocircuits Parts Reservation Service

With our reservation service we want to support your prototype project in the best possible way. You can order important components in advance via your user account. Please plan only quantities actually needed and be open for alternative components.

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Tool of the month: Drill & Slot Editor

When converting data from the CAD system to CAM for PCB production, information cannot always be transferred unambiguously. With the Drill & Slot Editor, you check whether the information for drill holes and cutouts is correct.

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Designing with BGAs for manufacturability and cost

Designing a layout with BGA components can be tricky; manufacturing sometimes even more so. Electronics designer Saar Drimer shows valuable tips on how PCBs with BGA footprints can be manufactured more easily and often more cost-effectively.

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PCB assembly at Eurocircuits

We are very proud of the fact that in addition to our PCB plant, we also have our own assembly facility in Eger. This service is becoming more and more popular with our customers. In a video we have looked over the employees‘ shoulders.

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