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The Basics for a seamless start to Manufacturing

It is well known that a correct and well-thought-out design determines the manufacturability and quality of the subsequent electronic assembly and thus the manufacturing costs and time to market. These prototyping tips support an industrial-quality design that is right the first time.

PCB Checker: Correcting rule violations directly

The PCB Checker is part of the PCB Visualizer and allows you to verify the data uploaded and easily view any DRC (Design Rule Check) or DFM (Design For Manufacture) issues found during the analysis of the data. In contrast to the green tick, the red flag signals problems when checking trace widths, insulation distances or residual rings. The PCB Checker shows all rule violations in the layout at the respective location and enables these issues to be corrected directly.

How to use the PCB Checker

From CAD to CAM: Input data formats

Gerber is the most widely used data transfer format worldwide to transfer the design to the manufacturing process. Each design should be checked in advance with a CAD/CAM Gerber viewer that is not part of your own CAD system. For example, a viewer is integrated in the Eurocircuits Visualizer. We also recommend using the latest Gerber formats, Gerber X2plus or Gerber X3.

Accepted formats and their performance

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FR4: Thermal characteristics of the laminate

The thermal performance of the laminate is an important criterion in PCB Design and assembly. We recommend selecting an FR4 material that meets your requirements and avoid selecting an unnecessary high specification FR4 material as this will make the PCB unnecessarily expensive and the material may also be difficult to source. We use high quality low-cost standard materials for our Pooling-Service. This provides guaranteed performance for our PCBs during their assembly and excellent operational reliability.

The thermal properties of our FR4 material


See you in autumn: Events with Eurocircuits participation

September is the traditional start of electronics industry events, and the Eurocircuits team is looking forward to meeting you in person to introduce our new services and discuss how we can help you bring your projects to market on time and within budget.


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