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Wrapping up a successful year of Solar Boat Twente 21-22

Looking back at our year of Solar Boat Twente we look back with pride. We started as novices trying to make a winning solar racing boat to inspire the maritime sector. For this we really wanted to have our boat foil/fly at the end of our year so we did the best we could to achieve this.

On our journey to a foiling boat we encountered a lot of technical challenges we needed to take on. As engineers we have tackled these challenges and learned a ton of them. Mostly about reliability. To have a correctly functioning boat you first need a reliable base to take the next step. The learning got rewarded by the result: We built a solarboat that could foil! I still get goosebumps while writing this.

Now it was time to prove our boat against the global opposition in the Monaco energy boat challenge. Again the importance of reliability came apparent since we became third in the endurance race without a lot of troubles. As for the other races.

The electronic system has played a big role in this story. We have made the entire system more reliable by using more standardised connections and making splitter PCBs at Eurocircuits. Of course we also made new additions to the system. One of them is the steering wheel. We developed an ‘F1 like’ steering wheel with a lot of IO for the pilot. It features a self-developed PCB with a microcontroller, CAN interface, a lot of IO and an internal power supply. V1 has already been tested and V2 is currently being produced by Eurocircuits for the next team.


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Boris Feldbrugge
Electronics Engineer Solar Boat Twente 21-22

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