Powering the vehicle of the future

Solar Team Eindhoven always strives to push technology forward and create a future to work towards. After 4 generations of our family car (Stella, Stella Lux, Stella Vie and Stella Era), it was time for the team to move forward again. Our goal is to use the power of the sun as effectively and efficiently as possible, to create more sustainable vehicles. This year, the team has gone one step further, by not only using solar energy to drive, but also to live. With this Self-sustaining House on Wheels (SHOW), we hope to inspire the market to find new sustainable ways to travel.

From source to destination, delivering power to all parts of the vehicle

To deliver the power, generated by the solar panels, to all parts of the vehicle, several power distributors are necessary. This seemingly simple task is indispensable in a vehicle.

The energy from the 8 solar panel modules on the roof of the vehicle is collected by the PVD (PhotoVoltaics Distributor).


PVD (PhotoVoltaics Distributor)

The PVD is connected to our high voltage bus through the high voltage distributor (HVRD).


High Voltage Distributor (HVRD)

This PCB is the main distributor of high voltage in the vehicle. Almost all high voltage components are connected to this PCB. To be able to withstand the high currents, the PCB had to be designed carefully. Eurocircuits was a big help in this design process, with the helpful tools in the PCB configurator and the great help from the customer service. With the clear and extensive feedback on our designs, we were able to successfully create these PCBs.

Embarking on a new Journey

This September, Solar Team Eindhoven is starting a new journey. We will travel 3000 kilometres across Europe, from Eindhoven to Tarifa, in our Self-sustaining House On Wheels. Along the way we will stop in several cities to visit institutions and universities, and to do events.

To be able to do this we will need to get a license plate registration for our vehicle. This will have to be done in the next couple of weeks. So, we have a very exciting time ahead!

Our Eurocircuits PCBs will definitely help power us through our journey!


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