Selecting the Right Surface Finish for Your PCB


To protect the copper solder pads on a PCB from oxidation, contamination and to enhance their solderability, they need to be protected with a Surface Finish and these must conform to the European Union RoHS & RoHS2 (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directives.

But which is the right Surface Finish for your PCB’s?

In accordance to this directive Eurocircuits offers the following Lead-free Surface Finishes:

  • Hot Air Levelling or Hot Air Surface Levelling (HAL or HASL).
  • Chemical Ni/Au (Electroless Nickle/Gold – ENIG).
  • Chemical Ag (Immersion Silver).
  • Electroplated Ni/Au (Hard Gold) for Edge Connectors.
  • Carbon (Chemical C) for Switch Contacts.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages and the goal is to select the one that best fits you the Function and Usage of the PCB.

For more information please read our post Selecting the Right Surface Finish for your Design.

Another important point about Lead-free soldering this that it requires higher soldering temperatures which have a direct effect on the reliability and durability of your PCB.

For more information please read our post on How Often Can You Raise a Eurocircuits PCB to Lead-free Soldering Temperatures.


The Eurocircuits Team.



PCB Design & Manufacturing Live – 2019



You can’t beat a face-to-face discussion when looking to solve a design engineering problem and PCB Design & Manufacturing Live is the place to do just that.

Meet industry specialists and your peers to discuss technologies from traditional-sized PCB’s to small wearables boards.

Source the right services for you to streamline your designs and control your manufacturing costs.

Come along and meet Steve from Eurocircuits to discuss all your Prototype and Small series PCB Manufacturing and Assembly requirements.

We will also be showing our on-line verification tools, the PCB and PCBA Visualizer, these have been developed to help you achieve “Right First Time” for manufacture designs.

For more information visit the PCB Design & Manufacturing Live website.

To register your attendance and to receive your free badge click here.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Eurocircuits Team.




Newsletter – Looking Back at 2018


2018 – What a Year!

For Eurocircuits 2018 was another successful year building on our continued growth over the past 2 decades.

We finished 2018 with a consolidated turnover of around 26.5 million Euros including, PCB services, PCBA services, eC-equipment and consumables.

We also faced and overcame several challenges such as, the implementation GDPR and the shortage of some electronic components.

The stringent way in which we implemented GDPR may have resulted in some of your colleagues no longer receiving our News & Information feeds, if this is the case then we invite them to Opt-in to fix this problem.

Our continued growth helps us to invest and develop new products and services for our customers as well as, investing in new processes and equipment that keeps you at the cutting edge of PCB technology.

We will develop more tools to help you deliver your products to the market on time and on budget.

In 2018 we invested around 1.5 million Euros in manufacturing technology and equipment and in 2019 we plan to almost double that.

We expect some macro-economic challenges in 2019 and are well prepared for these.

In 2019 we will continue to focus on PCB Prototype and Small Series market for both bare board and assembly.

Our aim is to achieve another leap forward in PCB services we offer and to meet the challenges of our fast-growing PCB Assembly services.

We will continue to develop our software tools to offer new and advanced features helping you to achieve “Right First Time” for Manufacture products.

And there is so much more…………..we invite you to take a look for yourself here.


We are looking forward to another fantastic year in 2019




Electronics & Application 2019


Beste Eurocircuits klant,

Van 14 tem 16 mei kan u het Eurocircuits team weer vinden tijdens het tweejaarlijkse Elektronicafeest “Electronics & Applications” op stand 7B054 in de Jaarbeurs te Utrecht.

Voor de 2019 editie hebben we met vele collega’s uit de branche Industriële Electronica van het FHI weer een zeer leuk beursgadget ontwikkeld. FLEX KLOK is een ontwerp van YMIF engineering en is een “nice to have” hebbeding waar zelfs de fijnste elektronicatechneut nog plezier kan aan beleven.

Registreer nu voor uw gratis toegangsbewijs voor de beurs en voor uw gratis exemplaar van de FLEX KLOK. Wacht niet te lang want er zijn maar 2.000 exemplaren beschikbaar.

Het zou ons verheugen er u te ontmoeten en u te informeren over de nieuwste ontwikkelingen bij Eurocircuits. Samen met onze mede exposanten vormen we toch het grootste tweejaarlijks Elektronica event van de BENELUX, een niet te missen afspraak.

Tot in Utrecht.

Het Eurocircuits Team.





Eurocircuits esporra’ presso MECSPE – Parma, perche’non passate a trovarci per vedere le nostre ultime novita’ e le nostre offerte?

Dateci la possibilita’ di illustrarvi i nostri PCB e PCBA Visualizers che vi aiuteranno a creare un layout ottimale per il vostro PCB.

Vi aspettiamo.

Per ottenere il vostro biglietto di ingresso gratuito cliccate qui.

Dal team Eurocircuits.




Direct Imaging – Boosting the Quality of PCB’s and SMD Soldering



After Directing Imaging (DI) of copper layers, Direct Imaging of Soldermask redefines the boundaries for the soldering of SMD components.

Direct Imaging is the biggest technological advancement for the manufacturing of PCB’s in the last decade.

Since we introduced the Ledia Direct Imaging system (DI) for Soldermask exposure at Eurocircuits, we have been working hard to find its optimum registration capabilities.

As a result we can now offer improved registration capabilities for Soldermask and we are now able to reduce the minimum required clearances for DI compatible Soldermask as below:

MAR to 0.030mm…from 0.060mm
MSM to 0.070mm…from 0.100mm
MOC to 0.060mm…from 0.100mm

Due to the improved registration it is possible to have Soldermask between the pads of fine pitch components and this helps to protect against solder bridging as below.



DI Soldermask Conventional Soldermask

Smaller Soldermask openings give designers another big advantage, as it allows for tracks to be routed closer to pads.

From a manufacturing point of view, using DI for Soldermask has many advantages. For example, we can switch from one job to another in a matter of minutes as there is no need for films which is a timely process as used on conventional exposure systems.

DI Soldermask demands a premium price from our supplier, however, Eurocircuits believe the benefits out-way this additional cost and does not charge extra for the use of DI Soldermask.

We want our customers to benefit from using DI Soldermask and we see it as a win-win for everyone.

Available colours for DI exposure, at present, are Green, Red, Black and Blue.

For more information please see our PCB Design Guidelines – Soldermask Section.


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Embedded World 2019



Eurocircuits will be exhibiting at Embedded World, why not visit us and find out about our latest technology improvements and pricing offers.

Let us show you our PCB and PCBA Visualizers that will help you create the optimum PCB Design and Layout.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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