Just give the “Makers” the right Equipment – Join the Eurocircuits Community

The FabLab Winti, one of the biggest makerspaces in Switzerland, is happy to announce the opening of the first public electronic laboratory in Switzerland.


The electronics-workflow starts with the stencil printer eC-stencil-mate from Eurocircuits. Then you move on to the prototype-reflow-oven and to the fully equipped soldering station to finish the PCB assembly. With the modern test- and measuring-instruments you can verify and optimise your design.


The laboratory provides the maker-community with modern tools that really make a difference. We believe that also the makerspaces need the best possible equipment to be able to use modern technology for their creative designs and developments.


The new electronics lab is picking up fast. We saw developments like USB-charge-controllers, Bluetooth interfaces, radio receivers and more. Our training courses encourage people to start their own projects.

Without any doubt, Eurocircuits is a key sponsor which helps the lab to develop and allows us to grow and to deliver easy access to modern technology for the next generation of technicians and engineers that will change the way this world will look in the future.


For more information, please visit the FabLab Winti website.

Stefan Meyre

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