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The Formula Cruisers is a formula student racing team from Delft. We are currently working on our third formula student car, the HU-3.

As in any electric racing car, it is important that the electrical system in the HU-3 is both reliable and robust. For this, we highly rely on our PCB’s.

One of the first PCB’s we designed, were the nodes. As in any other modern car, the driver is informed of the car’s performance such as its speed, acceleration and braking.

Nodes HU-3Nodes HU-3
Nodes HU-3

Another node designed for the HU-3 is the Brake System Plausibility Device, required in every car by the FSAE rules.

We decided to design our own BSPD, based on a set of comparators and an RC circuit for the time delay, keeping the design as simple as possible.

BSPD HU-2 Design

Thanks to Eurocircuits

Thanks to our cooperation with Eurocircuits, we can equip our car with the best quality PCB’s and we look forward to working together with them again.

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