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Accumulator ECU

This PCB is the one that controls the High Voltage Battery Management System of the car by opening and closing the different isolation relays it has.

Apart from controlling the relays, the ACCU ECU continuously measures all cell voltages and temperatures of the High Voltage battery via a multi cell battery stack monitor, and also measures the Tractive System current with different shunts.

This PCB also has an important role in the security of the battery and relays. There are some main errors that if they occur, the ACCU ECU has to immediately open the relays and enter in a safe state.

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Active Balancing BMS

This PCB is the one that controls the Low Voltage Battery Management System. This year the team decided to implement an active cell balancing system. Active cell balancing redistributes charge between battery cells during the charge and discharge cycles, thereby increasing the system run time by increasing the total usable charge in the battery stack, decreasing the time needed to balance compared with passive balancing, and also decreasing the heat generated.

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TSAL Controller

The vehicles must include a single TSAL (Tractive System Active Light) that must indicate the TS (Tractive System) status. Because of the new competition rules some changes have to be made on this PCB. The team has also taken the opportunity to make the PCB smaller for optimizing space on the car.

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The Autonomous System Brake ECU controls the service brake of the car, and also the emergency brake system for the autonomous driving mode. This year, it implements more

efficient electronics than last year to reduce electric consumption in service brakes.

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Due to the new low battery design, the team needed this PCB to read voltages and temperatures from the battery cells and transmit these signals to the BMS. It is also used to fuse each electric path.

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