We, the TUfast Racing Team, is a student association that tackles the Formula Student project every year and develops, designs and manufactures new racing cars for the electric and autonomous disciplines within this framework.

In the 2021 season, for the first time in the history of TUfast, we have developed a prototype that can compete in both Electric Vehicle and Driverless Vehicle categories at the Formula Student events. Together with the electric race car eb020 from the 2020 season, which also competed in the 2021 season, we were able to achieve second place on the podium in both FSG and FS ATA.

The biggest challenge in the development (and production) of the xb021 was the integration of the autonomous components while ensuring the usual reliability of the entire system. Eurocircuits supported us in this with their highest quality PCBs, which we used in our self-developed inverter and in the battery management system.

In our inverter there are full bridges for 4 electric machines. For this purpose, we have installed 6-layer PCBs for the logic stages of a half bridge, which we kindly received from Eurocircuits. The 12 PCBs from Eurocircuits used in the inverter are distinguished above all by their high quality and dielectric strength, which are decisive for the fact that LV and HV can be placed on the PCBs with very little clearance and a small installation space can be realised.

Our Battery Management System, or BMS for short, contains a master and 16 slaves, each of which has 4 temperature connections and 10 voltage measurement connections. The slaves, consisting of Eurocircuits circuit boards, are responsible for monitoring the temperature and voltage of the cells in our accumulator.

Thanks to the excellent circuit boards with which Eurocircuits supported us, we were able to win the Efficiency Award on FSG. We would now like to build on these successes in the 2022 season and look forward to further cooperation!



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