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We are the Jurassic Team of the Université Catholique de Louvain. We are 5 students in our first year in the master in mechatronics and this year’s project was to take part in the international robotic contest Eurobot. After several months of designing, prototyping and testing, we came up with the Jurassic Bot and managed to reach first place at the Belgian contest. We ended up in 6th position at Eurobot against opponents that had 2 robots.

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This success was possible thanks to the robustness of our design, the reliability of the mechanisms and of our electrical architecture. We ordered 4 PCBs from Eurocircuits and we have been highly satisfied by their quality. Their purpose was to connect the sensors and actuators to the embedded computer of our Jurassic Bot. It required a lot of connectors, level shifters, and so on. Everything worked as expected even with some damages done to the PCB while soldering the components. It was the first time for us and we may have burned some parts of the first PCB…

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Of course, the design of our robots was not perfect, but we have learnt a lot during this project. Creating a robot from scratch was an amazing experience and we will definitely recommend this study program to others. Naturally, this project would not have been possible without the support of the teaching staff and the sponsors, including Eurocircuits. You want to know more about our achievements? Watch our video story on Youtube.

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