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We promised to inform you when we are back on track and our delivery terms are back to normal.

As of today our PCB manufacturing is back to normal.

Our Assembly services were not affected and our delivery terms are as normal.

There are some issues concerning local government restrictions and whilst we can ship the boards on time it may not be possible for them to be actually delivered. You must check the status of deliveries in your local area and even then this may change from day to day. Please contact customer support if this is an issue. Daily updated Corona Impact overview.

At present we have a sufficient stock of materials and our suppliers are maintaining a good supply chain and our factories remain virus free. However, this may change due to circumstances beyond our control. Whilst we do not foresee any changes, we will keep you informed if circumstances change. 

We thank all our regular and new customers for their help and understanding over the past weeks. We look forward to our continuing partnership where we can bring you the best in PCB Manufacturing and Assembly.

Your Eurocircuits Team